LibreOffice Transfer of files to New Format

  itnein 17:07 11 Jun 2013

I have just installed LibreOffice on the forum recommendation and find it extremely good. I do have one query, however, and would be grateful if anyone could help me. I can transfer my old files (created in MS Word and MS Office XP) one by one to the LibreOffice format, but is there any way I can transfer all the files, or batches of files, to the new format in one go. I do have rather a lot of files and doing one at a time is going to take days.

The reason that I want to do this is that I want to get a new laptop which has Windows 8 which does not support my old files.

  lotvic 17:48 11 Jun 2013

I urge caution trying to do that, because if you convert your existing files and they lose some formatting etc you are going to be so annoyed.

Always work with copies of files and keep your original ones safe.

I am not very familiar with LibreOffice so wait for others to comment.

For others helping see thread

  itnein 09:19 12 Jun 2013

Thanks lotvic for your warning. Rather than transfer my old files to the new format can anyone tell me how I might COPY my old files to the new format in batches rather than have to do each file one by one?

  onthelimit1 12:03 12 Jun 2013

If you right click a file and select Open With then choose Libre Office. Make sure you untick the Always Use the Selected Progra.... for the first one. If it works OK, then do a second and tick the box this time.

  lotvic 23:17 12 Jun 2013

And to make a copy (so you can work with copies) select the folder (that contains files documents etc) and copy the folder then paste it.

  itnein 15:23 13 Jun 2013

Thanks for the suggestion, but I can not see how it works. Basically I want to end up with my original files with .doc extension and copies of those files with Libreoffice extension. I can copy and paste a folder but I can not then save the copied folders contents with the Libreoffice extension, I have to open that folder and save each individual file (using 'save as') with the Libreoffice extension.

Also I can right click on a .doc file and open it with Libreoffice but the file still retains its .doc extension.

  lotvic 15:46 13 Jun 2013

Keeping your original Folder safe, and working with the files in the Copy of Folder:

What you are wanting to do is a bulk Batch Conversion, I found this info Bulk file conversion using command line if that doesn't help try a google for: libreoffice batch conversion

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