LG GSA-4163BA SuperMulti DVD RW -Driver

  freaky 11:58 06 Nov 2005

When I bought this DVD RW it came in a plain brown box with no driver.

I have a problem with it - if I leave a CD in it, then it runs continually, so have to leave it empty. It works fine otherwise.

Windows installed a driver for it, but I notice on their website click here there is a driver listed. From what I can read this driver is a replacement for the original (which I have not got).

I am concerned that if I download this driver, then it could cause damage to the drive as per their warning on their site.

Any body got and advice please?

  ACOLYTE 12:03 06 Nov 2005

I think what you have found is a firmware update not a driver for the player,windows should have loaded the default driver witch is all it should need,the firmware update can add functionally to a drive,but if done wrong can make it useless.

  freaky 12:12 06 Nov 2005

Yes you are correct on that, the site does in fact give a list of 'fixes'.

Thanks for the reply, I will await further posts on this topics.

  SANTOS7 12:17 06 Nov 2005

I am interesteed by the statement "plain brown box"
if it is not working properly, that may be the reason it came in a "plain brown box", was it bought secondhand?

  ACOLYTE 12:18 06 Nov 2005

Probably OEM thus the packaging and no software.

  freaky 12:26 06 Nov 2005

Bought it new a few months ago from PCW, the packaged version was about £50. On the PCA review of this product it was priced at £32. I mentioned this to PCW and they directed me to a shelf full of brown boxes - this one was there.

I presume therefore it would be classed as OEM ?

  PaulB2005 12:28 06 Nov 2005

Yes it's OEM. Bought and used many. Not just CDRW either.

  interzone55 12:37 06 Nov 2005

You're lucky you got a brown box, mine just came in an anti-static bag with and IDE cable.

I find it's a fantastic drive, although it's a little picky about media.

I don't have a problem with it spinning all the time though, maybe you have a faulty drive.

PC World may have a number of faults, but customer service isn't one of them, I've never had a problem taking anything back, so get them to swap it.

  SANTOS7 12:45 06 Nov 2005

It does not look like there was any customer service here "bob over there and choose a brown box" if your lucky you will get one that works!!!
I would also be interested to know how PCW can charge 50 quid for a piece of hardware (and i have looked extensively) for something that only costs between 30-35 quid anywhere else...

  Stuartli 12:48 06 Nov 2005

As ACOLYTE correctly points out Windows automatically provides the CDROM driver for any drive whether CD/DVD-ROM or rewriter.

Try Removing the drive in Device Manager and rebooting.

  Stuartli 12:49 06 Nov 2005

The CDROM driver advice applies equally to earlier versions of Windows, not just XP.

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