LG GCE 8160B

  Thanuseelan 15:50 04 Jan 2003
  Thanuseelan 15:50 04 Jan 2003

What is the difference between firmware and a driver. Can anyone tell me where I can get drivers for the CDRW drive, GCE 8160B. This is manufactured by LG. I am desperate please help.

  DieSse 16:00 04 Jan 2003

Firmware is a program in a chip inside a device, that makes the device function - basically most devices are "compter-controlled" these days, even including things like washing machines.

A driver is a program in your system, which operates the device when asked to by an application program. It saves every application programmer having to write the code to do the basic work of using the device - which is, of course common to all applications which need to use it.

CDRW drives don't not, as a rule, need drivers - they are built -in to the various versions of windows. This covers reading from the device. To write to it you need an application program, such as Easy CD Creator, nero, or another - unless you have Windows XP, which includes basic writing facilities as well as reading.

  Thanuseelan 16:04 04 Jan 2003

My CDRW drive shows up only as a CD ROM drive in my computer

  woodchip 16:10 04 Jan 2003

firmware is like updating the bios on your motherboard it can go wrong and render your CD caput.

Drivers are only needed in Dos they operate between you CD and you computer to send received info

Drivers for CDRW are provided in the software i.e Nero etc.

  Elrond 16:12 04 Jan 2003

Search the Microsoft website. I had the same problem and found a walkthrough on how to get things going again. Sorry i can't remeber the procedure

  ton 16:12 04 Jan 2003

So does mine in 'my computer', but it does work ok. Look in device manager, it should be recognised correctly there.

  woodchip 16:12 04 Jan 2003

You need to load the right software for your Writer. The best normally the one you get with the CDRW drive

  Thanuseelan 16:16 04 Jan 2003

I have a lot of trouble uninstalling Easy CD Creator. It gets to about three quaters of the way in 'Gathering required info' and then it just stops, the loading sign, i gave it an hour, but no change.

  woodchip 16:21 04 Jan 2003

To remove follow these step's closely, go to start\find\files or folders type in the box Easy CD click enter key delete all the entry's it finds with Easy CD in it. Next go to start run type regedit and press enter, go to menu under edit click find in the box type Easy CD and press enter it will bring up only one entry at a time, press delete key then click ok to confirm to go to next entry press F3 and delete do this until you get to the end of the registry. DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING ELSE IN THE REGISTRY other than Easy CD then reboot your computer

  spuds 00:45 05 Jan 2003

I purchased a LG GCC-4120B last year, and this was supplied with a special cut down version of Roxio's Easy CD Creator, with the extended version being available via a paid for download.Perhaps this is why the version Thanuseelan as installed is giving problems. Something to do with software configuration.Just a thought!.

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