LG DVD GDR-816B & LG GCE-8480B CD ReWtr Help !

  Giggle n' Bits 19:40 22 Feb 2003

just completed my new built PC using a Asus A7V266 M/board, 256MB PC2100 DDR, AMD XP2200(1.8GHz) 80GB HDD ATA100 with GeForce AGP x4 64MB Card. Using Win98Se.

Problem is I have a HDD as primary Master on IDE1

DVD Drive as Secondary Master on IDE 2 with the LG CD-Rwtr on as slave to DVD on Secondary slave (IDE 2.

DVD jumper is Master and CD ReWtr is Slave as following the manual. The end of the EIDE ribbon is in the DVD the Middle bit of ribbon is in CD Rewtr and other end to IDE 2 on motherboard.

This ribbon was supplied with the M/baord as a 40pin ribbon thing.

The Rewtr also was supplied with the same one so i didn't use it.

When ejecting the DVD draw its slow major bad to eject and when playing a Audio CD its major slow.

CD Rewtr not as bad. The DVD then takes ages to eject after playing a audio CD (Not yet tried DVD)

I have not installed the CD Roxio software as there as I understand no drivers needed and I was just testing the drives before getting the rest of the software on.

If I unplug the middle connector from back of Wrtr the DVD is sweet and quick.

Anyone know whats the problem as its frustrating waitng for slug DVD drive.

Yes, Via 4in1 drivers installed in turbo mode

DirectX 8.1 installed,

Win98Se update includes a thing called "mapped Drives update" is this the cure ?

Please help.

  howard60 19:54 22 Feb 2003

your mobo drivers from the cd that should have come with it? This must be done after you instal windows before you put other stuff on.

  Giggle n' Bits 19:57 22 Feb 2003

4in1. I installed them in the Turbo mode. Shame about the lack of Turbo speed for the DVD Drive.

Thanks Howard60.

  Giggle n' Bits 22:22 22 Feb 2003

plugged it back into the rear of CdWrtr and things have improved a bit!.

Has anyone out there found a slow reaction to open/close of DVD draw and read time of a genuine Audio CD when slaved with a CDWtr. ?

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