Lexmark Z515 Ink Levels

  KJ823 19:30 19 Apr 2005


My parents have recently bought a Lexmark Z515 printer but I can't seem to find how to check the ink levels. A brief window opens when printing starts with a small picture of the cartridges but I would like to be able to check the levels without printing.

They tell me they have just put a new colour cartridge in but are still getting the message that the colour cartridge is low.

I have tried opening the properties for the printer and can find lots of information but I can't find out about ink levels.

Thanks for any help

  jack 19:51 19 Apr 2005

Inkjet ink levels [ in all ink jets i should think]
as displayed on the screen have no relation to the actual ink content in the cartridge.
There is no electrical connection feeding this data back.

What happens is that the printer software 'looks'
at the sheets of paper consumed and does a 'guesstimate'
The user can then keep on printing until the ink fades - which, depending on the type of work undetaken could be many 100,s of sheets or may be only 50 or so, after the 'Low Ink' warning.
Buy the next cartridge and load only when you get a 'bald' sheet delivered.

  KJ823 20:30 19 Apr 2005

Thanks Jack but on my printer, an Epson R200, I can call up the properties and it shows me the ink levels [OK I accept your explanation and understand this is approximate but it at least gives an idea on the rough amnout left].

  jack 10:52 20 Apr 2005

My R300 is the same-
Obviosly Lexmark work differently, I have no knowledge of the Lexmark software.
I would suggest could try several things if the issue is bugging you/them.
Do a change cartridge routine, making sure the contacts are clean and fully seated.
This alone may reset the software.
Remove the software and reinstal it is another possability

  wobbly76 14:09 20 Apr 2005

On the other hand you could email Lexmark, they could easily tell you how to access the ink levels.


  KJ823 18:43 20 Apr 2005

Thanks, Jack, but must admit I like wobbly76's suggestion!

Thanks again

  jack 19:43 20 Apr 2005

Now why did not You/Me think of that in the first place?

It like that some in this place, the obvious passes us by


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