Lexmark Z45SE "cant communicate with printer"

  concretepigsy 17:19 05 Jan 2004

i am getting the above message intermittently.
printer connected via USB 2 running win98SE.

Ive spoken to lexmark (as much use as a chocolate fireguard) who say its either the usb cable is too long, (standard cable),or not enough ram (512MB!!!!!!)and to plug printer into its own power socket ( done that)

I have downloaded latest software as well.

When the problem occurs there is a yellow exclamation mark in device manager saying device unknown.

Please help my daughter has homework to print off and is back to school tomorrow

i love you all


  Gongoozler 17:39 05 Jan 2004

Hi Chris, it certainly sounds like a long cable problem. Are you using USB2 cable or standard USB cable, and how long is the cable?

  concretepigsy 18:25 05 Jan 2004

Hi gongoozler, its about 3 feet long how do i find out about what cable it is??


  Djohn 18:45 05 Jan 2004

USB 1.1 and 2.0 cables are the same and for most purposes should work fine up to 5 metres. It does sound more like a driver conflict. Have you made sure you have the correct driver for your O/S. j.

  concretepigsy 18:58 05 Jan 2004

Yes Djohn

i have downloaded the latest drivers from the lexmark web site. Sometimes if i disconnect the power supply, then it works again after reconnection.

  josie mayhem 19:08 05 Jan 2004

Also, try a complete uninstall, check the printers cd to see if the provide a uninstall ultility, rather than windows add/remove program.

Also check, that you have the latest version of driver, I did a quick check at lexmark, and the newest version they had was 3. something dated aroun 8/02.

Another areaa, is to check that you have the right usb driver to usb2.

Have you got a usb1 on your computer, if you have try pluging here to see if this makes any difference.

  Djohn 19:19 05 Jan 2004

Try disconnecting the USB cable from the printer end. Remove the driver from your PC and the printer as well. Install the software again and then connect the USB cable into the printer, or when the driver install tells you to.

Will the printer run from USB1.1 or does it need version 2.0? Does your motherboard have USB2.0 ports or are you using a USB PCI card? If the latter, have you installed the driver for the card so that 98se will recognise it?

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