Lexmark Z43 printer cartridge refill

  caputzel 23:09 02 Jan 2003
  caputzel 23:09 02 Jan 2003

I have refilled the color cartridge on this printer, cartridge #15MO120, using the JR inkjet refill kit. The ink was visible in the sponges when I refilled, and all three colors of ink are visible on the blotter pad when I touch it to the bottom of the cartridge. For some reason, it will not print. I had this problem with the black ink cartridge last time and never could resolve it.
I have followed all normal cleaning procedures and even uninstalled/reinstalled the printer software. I am wondering if Lexmark has added some
feature to prevent cartridges being refilled and reused? The printer software is 4+MB, which is unusually large for such a simple operation. Any ideas on how to resolve this?

  Philip2 23:55 02 Jan 2003

I have a Lexmark Z55 and have had no problem refilling i use the flush first to clean any dried ink and then refilled i do not do this more than three times myself then leave it overnight before putting it back in the printer.

  caputzel 08:43 03 Jan 2003

OK, so I'm paranoid about the cartridge being disabled. Any ideas on what is keeping the cartridge from printing on paper when I can see ink at the jets?

  Philip2 14:58 03 Jan 2003

Unless your cartridge is old or your software in the printer or computer has become corrupted i have never come across this one in a Lexmark printer and i have had four them.

  brianthesnail 15:07 03 Jan 2003

I'm not familiar with this particular printer but I remember with an HP one I had that if you allow the ink to run out completely, it causes an airlock when you refill the cartridge and it can take some effort in knocking and tapping the thing to get it going again.

Another thing you could try is to clean the copper contacts on the cartridge AND printer with a pencil eraser (rubber). The ones that live on top of pencils are ideal.


  johnem 15:08 03 Jan 2003

Caputzel, just a thought, did you set up the cartridge menu for existing cartridge or new, I found that after refilling you need to set up the system as if you had fitted a new cartidge and then proceed through the normal alignment procedure. If you do not do this, the printer will not work.

  caputzel 15:12 03 Jan 2003

Many thanks. Best I can determine, from your responses and other research, is the air bubble scenario. This is the first time that I've refilled this particular cartridge and I did install it as a new cartridge thru the software.

  Philip2 15:19 03 Jan 2003

Have you downloaded the latest drivers?? you did not say what OS you are using,there is a lot more info on the lexmark website

  brianthesnail 15:23 03 Jan 2003

You can try blowing into the vents of the cartridge to try and get rid of an airlock but don't have your Sunday best white shirt on when you do it.


  johnem 15:23 03 Jan 2003

Just a further postscript, I have sometimes found that it helps if you subject the new cartidge to a good steaming, obviously excercising extreme care. This sometimes helps to clear the airlock.

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