Lexmark x83 info

  iarno 12:07 12 Jul 2007

my grandaughter has just got a new laptop running Vista. She says it will not reconise her lexmark x83 all-in-one printer. is this normal for Vista, I know nothing about Vista myself. But I would have thought it would recnise this printer, it's not that old.
thanks for any info.


  Andy1991 12:11 12 Jul 2007

Install the drivers for the printer first, then if they don't work, search the printer manufacturers website for newer drivers for ur printer for vista.

Vista is actually well known to have problem with Hardware, many are complaining.

  iarno 12:19 12 Jul 2007

thanks for info. Will contact her and let her know. Thought there must be an answer.

thanks again.


  alan2273 12:21 12 Jul 2007

Dont bother with the Lexmark, there site says their are no Vista drivers for the X83 and they have no plans to do any.
Hp, Epsom & Canon all have ones that work with Vista.
This is not what you want to hear but thats life.

  Andy1991 12:31 12 Jul 2007

The origional printer drivers for it, should come along with a disc with drivers on it. Use it if that does not work then use the website and look for more updated. I have just done this for u and there is not a driver for vista for that printer available and your printer is not in the list that displays the printers compatible with VIsta. It seems that it is not, so, U may wish to get in a new one.

  Andy1991 12:36 12 Jul 2007

lexmark printer compatiblity list for vista:
click here

  iarno 13:02 12 Jul 2007

cheers all, you all seem to have been busy finding the info for me. Will contact her later. Have got to go out soon so will be back this evening. thank you all again.


  iarno 21:46 12 Jul 2007

Have spoken to grandaughters mum. She has the Lexmark X1180, so they are going to swap printers and get the Vista driver for the X1180. Will let you know the result in time. Mum says daughter is right 'peed off' at the moment (or something similar!)
Have been reading a few reviews on Vista and X83 and there are a lot of very unhappy people out there, unhappy enough not to go via Lexmark again.
any way thanks to Andy1991 and alan2273 for your help.
Will tick as resolved.


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