Lexmark X75 Problem

  special sophie 01:08 01 Jun 2003

Hi I've got a Lexmark x75 scanner printer combo and have had nothing but problems with it's always commucation errors Lexmark tech support say un-install and re-install drivers this does work but perhaps a week goes by and the same problem. Is the printer faulty or is it something simpler or more coplex. I upgraded my motherboard at the same time I purchased the printer

  special sophie 01:32 01 Jun 2003


  Wak 09:39 01 Jun 2003

What system are you using, Sophie?
I have an X75 and never have any problems with it (touch wood).
Try Right click MY COMPUTER on the desk top, select properties/ Device manager and see if there are any yellow exclamation marks anywhere.

  jospar 10:36 01 Jun 2003

special sophie

If you are using XP, have you down loaded the x75 cleaner program as well, and run this to uninstall?

I get this sometimes with my X75, eaisest way I've found is to unplug the power cord for about 30 seconds or so, and then plug back in, then I wait a couple of seconds if this doesn't bring it back. I then turn the printer off and then back on again and this does the trick,

But for some reason the X75 does play up a bit under XP, check the threads in the last month or so for more info.

  special sophie 11:02 01 Jun 2003

yeah i am using xp with elite k7som motherboard which i wish i had never bought sometimes it wont detect the keyboard so i have to unplug the keyboard and plug it back in a couple of timesbefore it will boot which makes me wonder if the motherboard is causing the fault with the printer.

  special sophie 11:14 01 Jun 2003

yes I have used the cleaner tool

  special sophie 11:57 01 Jun 2003


  peterfry 15:22 01 Jun 2003

trash or sell the lexmark printer they suck and get a fast and reliable hp one

short and sweet

  pj123 17:31 01 Jun 2003

To peterfry. Not a very helpful response. Just a personal opinion. sophie, I don't have a Lexmark printer myself but have you tried lexmark website and downloaded the Win 2000 printer drivers? They sometimes work better.

  special sophie 21:45 02 Jun 2003

thanks pj123 i'll try that

  Wak 09:48 03 Jun 2003

From what you said earlier in the posting, if your new motherboard sometimes won't see the keyboard then the problem would appear to be with the motherboard rather than the printer or the keyboard.
I would suggest that you try and sort out the M/B first and get it to see the keyboard properly and then return to the printer problem (if it still exists).
Incidentally, did you check in the Device manager for any yellow exclamation marks???

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