Lexmark X75 all in one Problem in printing

  Shanks69 21:09 29 Sep 2003

Often wont print when asked to, but will if I dont cancel the print job and reboot the pc.

It's a USB connection - anyone think it could be a problem lead or possibly the driver should be reinstalled ???

  madPentium 22:25 29 Sep 2003

I would check the website to download the latest software. There are many issues with that particular printer. I can tell you that some time ago, QVC sold hundreds and received half of them back.

  Shanks69 23:36 29 Sep 2003

for that wonderful news - will check the website and search for guarantee.


  spuds 01:43 30 Sep 2003

Do you have the USB connection direct into the computer, or via a USB port hub.

I had problems with my new X5150,which was doing funny things at various times.Would print/Wouldn't print,crashing,printing half pages etc.Lexmark eventually came up with the solution, of transferring the USB cable from my self powered USB hub, and installing direct into the computer USB port. Everything as been okay since. Should add that I un-installed and re-installed Lexmark software, both from supplied cd and downloaded from internet, without success, on first troubleshooting exercises.

If you have an hub connection, then perhaps worth considering above.No guarantees given.

  Jester2K II 08:20 30 Sep 2003

I set a X75 up for a client. Nightmare using the drivers CD that came with the PC. Downloaded latest drivers and worked perfectly!!!!!

NEVER use the drivers from the CD - always get the latest ones from the web.

  Wak 09:37 30 Sep 2003

Hi, just to show the other side of the coin, I have had an X75 for 12 months and have never had any problems printing (touch wood) and used the original driver on the CD.
Suggest you go to Start/ Settings/ Printers.
Double click your printer name.
Click Printer tab/ Properties/ Details tab/ Spool Settings tab.
Check that the spool settings are OK and that the Spool Data Format is set to LEMF.

  handful 12:53 30 Sep 2003

Had a similar problem with an X85. I could only print if I turned the printer on before the pc. Latest driver cured the problem

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