lexmark x74 colour all wrong

  ruthcruet 23:58 11 Jun 2004

I have refilled my lexmark, but the blue is green and the green is blue. I have filled them corectly so do not know what has happened? cannot afford to replace

  THE TERMINATOR 00:17 12 Jun 2004

If you have refilled the cartridge, have you told the software that the cartridge is a new one. Other to this you will need a new cartridge. I had a Lexmark and re-filling the colour cartridge did'nt always work. TT

  ruthcruet 00:23 12 Jun 2004

This is to say thank you to the terminator for his/her? responce to my question. Yes I did tell the computer it was a new one.

  THE TERMINATOR 00:35 13 Jun 2004

It was my pleasure. In my experience I could only re-fill the colour cartridge about twice before it packed up, and re-filling the black one was a no-go. TT

  Wak 10:06 13 Jun 2004

Hi, I have a Lexmark X75 and have refilled the colour cartridge 10 times and the black one five times and they still give very good results.
I use INK-TEC kits from click here (which are excellent), re-fill the cartridges as soon as they show any signs of needing it and don't switch the printer on unless I'm going to use it.
I would also suggest that you check how you filled your cartridge with the info on click here. This site shows you individual cartridges and tells you where each colour should be inserted.
I check my cartridges by printing a single row of BLACK letters, 1/3 row of RED letters, 1/3 row of BLUE letters and a 1/3 row of Yellow letters, all Font sizes being 18 or larger.
This is sufficient to check the output without wasting a lot of ink on the Lexmark test page.
I hope this is of some help to you?

  Wak 10:11 13 Jun 2004

From your initial post, I would also suggest that you may have put the yellow ink in the blue hole and the blue ink in the yellow hole.
You may be able to use INK FLUSH to clean them out and refill but it could take time before the colours run true.


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