Lexmark x73 refuses to install on XP

  martjc 17:45 12 May 2003

I recently changed from Win98 to XP. Downloaded the latest driver from Lexmark. Used their 'clean' utility to remove the old drivers and tried to install. Got to a point where installer asks me to connect to usb. I do, but the thing just sits there!

I have four usb sockets (two hubs) and have tried with and without other hardware attached, tried each socket in turn with no effect.

This is driving me potty, as it worked fine before the upgrade and XP is supposed to be better at usb than 98!! What's happenin'???

  jospar 18:13 12 May 2003

I had the very same problem with my XP, first check all power connections, any slight loss of power will effect installation of driver, if this doesn't work,

use the clean program, then carry on and install as normal, at the point that it tells you to install usb cable do so and see what happens, apparently even though it seems to be hanging in fact it is serching and can't find any thing, at this point bring up the task manager by pressing ctrl,alt and delete keys at the same time. when manager is open, take out the usb cable and select restart in manager. Not quite sure about this bit, at this point scanner details should be loaded, so you can carry on and load printer by keeping the notion that you are going to use a lpt port. Once loaded relocate the port settings to usb, if you e-mail lexmark support they should give you the right way within 48 hours.


What I ended up doing was, reformatting the drive and clean install of win98, once I done this I didn't add any drivers at all, but whet stright to upgrading with XP. Then added all my driver and x73 and had no problems with it at all. Is now running like a dream had a slight glich with communication and control being knocked out a couple of times, but if this happens just take the power cord out for about a miniute and everything returns to normal, it seems to right itself, has it hasn't happened lately.

Hope this all helps, sorry abot the 2nd bit, but when lexmark e-mailed me back with the solution, I had to write it all down and have lost the instructions, thats why I ended up doing the 3rd bit which worked.

  martjc 08:39 13 May 2003

I have contacted Lexmark and am waiting for a reply. If ultimate failure I think I will probably try the clean install of 98.

Wasn't usb supposed to make things easier and automatic? I've never had these problems with a parallel printer! Thanks again.

  jospar 16:12 13 May 2003

I found out the hard way! To cut a long story short After 3 weeks of trying on XP and then win98 and still having problems I had almost given up, on my last try all I did was lent my weight on the main plug, felt no movement and assumed that this couldn't be the problem all connection seemed to be firmly in place, but when I tried to install no problems. so tried to up-grade to xP, but failed, tried reinstall clean, but with loading all my drivers for graphics, usb before up-grading to xp. Don't know what proceesed me to try one more time and leaving drivers out until I got XP loaded but it worked.

Mind you usb's making computing easy, I can remember Tomorrows world saying how the use of computers were going to turn offices into paper free zones! lol In our company what ever on the computer there is normanly a hard copy on paper! sometimes I ponder weather our directors also have shares in a papermill?

  martjc 16:24 13 May 2003

I'll try again - wonder if I put ALL plugs in different sockets would this help?

  BLB 16:38 13 May 2003

I had trouble loading the software for my Epson CX5200 printer and it was because good old Microsoft had downloaded a security patch which had a bug in it..!!!! Surprise.Epson told me how to get rid of it and then the software downloaded immediately.

  jospar 17:23 13 May 2003

If it's a power problem, it might be that a wire is lose in the moulded plug, my hubbie hates them because time after time when his doing electrical testing in work (we both work in the same company) hes' found countless moulded plug that been incorrectly wired or loose wire.

This could be a possiability, but the only way to check is to cut the plug off and replace with a new one, but only go there is you feel that you can handle this safely? A plug is a Plug unless it's in the wrong hands!

  martjc 20:35 13 May 2003

Once I plugged into different sockets it worked o.k. I am left with the annoying problem, it prints documents o.k. but does not seem to be able to handle photos. No matter which software I use (and I've tried a few) the printer dialog appears to receive the file, i.e. progress bar travels to the end, but then nothing. I have lots of memory and am using a single application.

  jospar 21:10 13 May 2003

Sadly I think this where I might fail!

try copying a photo via the scanna, the assumption being that if this fails, hopefully this might point to a communication problem, either on the printer or image program and printer.

Also check printer properties mine are set at,

on the Adavanced tab

the seting marked are are;
# spool print docs so prog finishes faster
# start printing imeditantly
# print spool doc first
# enable advanced printer features

at the bottom, the a button for print processor if you select this my show lexmark x73 print processor highlighted in left box, and in the right hand side it gives several different (i think drives/files type thingys)
going back to the left hand it also gives another processor type something like win...., I've looked at this setting but haven't changed to it to find out what it does and how it effects the printer?

On the colour management tab

I have it set to automatic

if you uncheck this one to manual then click add this gives a list of available colour profiles to the fair left there are some x73, prehaps insert some of these if nessacery?

If you can follow what I just said, and it doesn't work sorry

the only other options I can think of, is either/both contact lexmark or retitle this thread saying printer works, but doesn't print photo's ect or something along those lines. Good luck, if you haven't resloved it by the weekend I shall have a mungle at altering some of my settings to see what effect they have concerning printing. sadly back on shift tomorrow and not on morning until friday, and can't play with the compter when on afternoons because I won't get to work!

  martjc 11:38 16 May 2003

While waiting for Lexmark to reply I tried using the WinPrint print processor. It defaulted to a spooler for NT. I then tested. It worked! I reverted to Lexmark processor but used a different spooler (one set up for NT) and everything now seems o.k.

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