lexmark x1180 ink cartridges

  happylady 16:18 03 Sep 2005

please can someone provide BASIC instructions on how i change the colour and black cartridges in my printer. also i would like information on just buying the re-fills as i have heard this is a cheaper option but i would also like BASIC instructions on how to refill the ink too. if re-filling the ink is more complicated, then i will just stick to buying new cartridges.

  pj123 16:43 03 Sep 2005

Most suppliers of refill kits will give a full instruction leaflet on how to do the refill.

I stopped doing refills years ago as it was very messy. I now only use compatible cartridges from Choice Stationery for my Epson printers, but I think where ever you go for ink for a lexmark you will be paying the earth. Do you know what the cartridge numbers are for the 1180? If so you could try looking here: click here or click here for cheaper compatible cartridges.

  spuds 16:54 03 Sep 2005
  pj123 17:00 03 Sep 2005

Just found them, the lexmark x1180 appears to be an MFD. Your black is No 16 and colour is No 26. On Choice Stationery black compatible is £14.99 and Colour compatible is £16.99.

  spuds 17:05 03 Sep 2005

Should have mentioned that I refill my own Lexmark X5150 cartridges. Simplicity in itself, and it works out at about 50p per refill.I am using some cartridges which have had seven refills so far. About due for binning now. Word of warning, do not let the cartridges dry out, try to refill as soon as you remove from the printer,otherwise you will have problems, and they may not be worth refilling.

Basic instructions, just lift the cover and remove the cartridges, reverse the procedure for installing, then do a test sheet. Did you not have an instruction book,if not, then you may find a pdf download on Google or the Lexmark site.

  happylady 18:18 03 Sep 2005

the black is 17
the colour is 27

i have checked out that website PJ123 and i am sure i have seen cheaper prices than that in the shops.

i think i will just stick to replacing the cartridges. the printer did not come with instructions on how to change cartridges (except for a very unhelpful obscure diagram) i didn't put the first cartridges in after i bought the printer, someone did that for me and so i am clueless as to how to reverse the procedure of placing them in.

  pj123 17:48 04 Sep 2005

Well if your cartridges are 17 and 27 then you are right. Original from Tonezone is 17 = £12.95 and 27 = £13.49. This means, at the moment, the printer is too new to have compatible cartridges available. Give them time and compatibles will become available.

  spuds 18:32 04 Sep 2005

The 17 and 27 are 'Moderate Use' cartridges. The 16 and 26 are higher capacity.

  BT 09:19 11 Sep 2005

Unfortunately Compatible cartridges are not available for Lexmark Printers only Refilled/Remanufactured. I have been refilling no 16 & 17 cartridges for quite a while and they work fine. A little tip - if you have trouble getting the heads to work because they have dried out, a cotton bud moistened with JR Inkjet Cartridge Flush works wonders in getting them working again.

  BT 08:55 12 Sep 2005

Should read 16 & 26 Cartridges

  Wak 15:09 14 Sep 2005

If you are still interested in refilling your cartridges I suggest you have a look here
click here then go to Support/ Inkjet Refill Kits/ Refilling Instructions and select your cartridge from the list.
I've been refilling cartridges for over five years now and must have saved hundreds of pounds.
I've never found it to be messy if you are careful and you could always start off with your black cartridge to see how you go.
Black Refill kits from Wilkinson's £7.99 (3 x 30ml bottles of black ink and a bottle of Ink Flush, sufficient for 9 black refills).
It's well worth trying when you realise how much you could be saving in the long run and the most you can loose is £7.99.

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