Lexmark X1130 all in one Printer/ Scanner.

  Meshuga 07:53 24 Jun 2007

Can anyone with knowlege of the above printer tell me if the ink cartridges also contain the Print head or is the printhead a separate item. I have this printer, which is virtually unused, but it has been unused for about 2 years. All its mechanical functions work but ink will not flow. If the print heads are in the cartridges I would be prepared to buy a couple but I don`t think it worth while spending more than that in view of the price of new machines, which would come with carts. I am reluctant to throw out an otherwise perfectly good machine. The very extensive instructions make no mention of printheads. Thanks for any help.

  jack 08:30 24 Jun 2007

The way to check this out is to look at the the Cartridges
If the have a copper contact strip to the the side/back of the Cartridge and what appears to be a flat/flush base - Then it is an Heads in Cart bubble jet.
If there is no sign of a contact strip- and the base is simply a hole into which a spigot[spike] goes which is in the bottom the carrier chamber- then its a head in machine type.

I suspect all Lexmarks are the former- BubbleJets
So buy the next set of Carts[Third Party]

If you decide on a new printer -dont get Lexmark
They appear to be the runt of the pack as far as quality goes and aftermarked costs.

  Strawballs 09:30 24 Jun 2007

It will be cheaper to by a new machine than Lexmark carts

click here

At the moment Argos are doing the HP Photosmart 3180 All in one for £39.99 and that has built in card reader.

  Meshuga 09:43 24 Jun 2007

jack, thanks for the info, the carts I have do have a copper strip down the back which continues underneath on to a small square section. The rest of the underside is flat with no visible hole for a spigot to go into so I assume that it is a "printhead in cart" type. I agree with you about Lexmark and would never consider buying that make. Many thanks for your assistance. Meshuga.

  Meshuga 09:50 24 Jun 2007

Strawballs, I agree with you, I can remember when there were many complaints on this forum about the cost of Lexmark carts and people were actually buying new machines cheaper with the carts in them than you could buy the carts on their own. I certainly won`t be buying Lexmark.Many thanks for your input.

  spuds 12:15 24 Jun 2007

Before you consider dumping the Lexmark, try doing your own refills. Works out at about 50 pence per cartridge. If that fails, you have at least tried to make a saving ;o)

  Meshuga 14:17 24 Jun 2007

Thanks spuds but how would I do that since there appears to be nowhere to inject ink. Would I have to drill a hole. Also what happens if, as I suspect, all the old ink has dried up and is blocking the outlet. That is probably why it won`t work now. Don`t forget, the printer has been out of use for at least 2 years. Thanks for the suggestion though.

  woodchip 15:05 24 Jun 2007

As far as I know, Only Epson use plain tanks, heads in printer. All others are bubble Jet with heads in cart

  spuds 16:42 24 Jun 2007

Meshuga, you may have a problem if its been standing that long. One method is to place the cartridges in a bowl containing a small quantity of warm water. Keep replacing the water it appears tepid/cold. Do this for as long as possible. Sometimes that clears the jets. With regards refilling, there are a number of websites that cover this subject. JR or InkTec websites might have details.

On my HP's cartridges I tend to drill a small hole. Lexmark I remove the top cover which will then allow you to fill the sponge. Epson cartridges, I don't bother, At less than a £1.00 each for my Stylus C86, it just ain't worth the bother.

Be warned though, refilling can get messy, if you do not do it correctly.

All worth a try, and perhaps save a few £££s.

  Meshuga 18:56 24 Jun 2007

spuds, I have cut the top off one of the carts and it is as dry as a bone so all the ink must have dried out. I have ordered a couple of compatibles from Choice stationery for £20 and will see what happens. It won`t break the bank.

Thanks to you too woodchip.

  spuds 19:58 24 Jun 2007

Meshuga- For Lexmark originals, try 7dayshop.com or Pricestorm.com. You may find that these originals are the same price as compatibles!.

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