Lexmark printer - no black ink coming out

  Jerzy-191123 14:45 23 Sep 2004

I have an X75 and it has a colour cartridge - working fine and a black one - nothing coming out. It is relatively new and is showing 80% full. I HAVE cleaned the nozzles but it has made no difference.

Any other help?

  quack 15:08 23 Sep 2004

I have the same printer and continually got the same problem. Take the black cartridge out and stand upright in a saucer of hot water for about 20 secs. Carefully wipe the cartridge with a soft tissue and replace in the printer. The problem is caused by the cartridge drying out which Lexmark obviously know about but are reluctant to do anything to rectify. Do what I do and use the printer only for scanning and invest in another printer to actually print

  MichelleC 15:08 23 Sep 2004

Cleaned contacts?

  Wak 17:03 23 Sep 2004

Hi. I have an X75 and never have any problems with the ink drying out (touch wood!) as I never switch the printer on automatically with the computer. If the printer is always ON then the print heads are out ready for use and will naturally dry out in time.
Suggest you do as Quack says and stand the cartridge in hot water (not boiling) and then stand it on a damp paper tissue until the ink bleeds out freely.

  Dorsai 17:28 23 Sep 2004

Having had this problem myself with two different inkjet printers, i how make it a rule to print out one colour inage a week. a small one will do, about 3 inches square, just to prevent the ink drying out and clogging the nozzles. I know it wasts ink, but it wasts more ink having to throw away a full cart because the jets are blocked.

  Jerzy-191123 12:31 28 Sep 2004

How do I clean the contacts?

  Wak 14:58 28 Sep 2004

How do I clean the contacts?
With a very gentle wipe down using methylated spirits and a small artist brush to remove any grease.

  Wak 15:08 28 Sep 2004

If you would like another suggestion to consider??
I have an X75 and use the Ink-Tec refill kits from choicestationery which, apart from the usual ink and tools, also includes a cartridge holder and a separate syringe in order to enable you to actually remove ink from the cartridge through the print head. This helps to remove any blockages and/or air locks.

  Jerzy-191123 17:07 29 Sep 2004

After the hot water it bled a little ink but once back inside the printer it faded on the second line without ever being clear in the first place.

  Stuartli 17:37 29 Sep 2004

Have you run the test for colour accuracy and depth?

Only ever used a Z601 (on two occasions) but this test, which indicates the best setting for the cartridges, works OK I found.

  Wak 18:47 29 Sep 2004

It sounds to me as if you have either a serious airlock or the ink is really dried out.
To try and clear the air lock, get a colour photo in a graphic program and click PRINT.
In the Print Properties tick the box which says Print the colour images in black and white.
This should give the black cartridge a good work out. Don't stop the printer just because the black ink isn't showing, it's probably getting rid of the air which is causing the blockage. Use the hot water and try again.
If that doesn't work I can only assume that it is really dried out.
If you buy a new cartridge, but one of the cartridges marked "for lower usage".
It will be a standard cartridge but containing a smaller proportion of ink and will be about £6.00 cheaper. These will refill to the proper quantity in future but will cost you less initially.

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