Lexmark Epson problem size purchase

  bessiebup 19:34 02 May 2015

My printers are 32 bit windows setup but I bought cartridges for them thinking they they would be 32 bit but they are 64 bit and so will not work and therefore I am unable to print. Is there any way I can get this sorted or do I have to purchase new 64 bit printers. Please advise. Thank you, Liza

  wee eddie 19:50 02 May 2015

Are you sure that you have the correct cartridges for each printer

I get the feeling that there is a misunderstanding here.

  rdave13 19:56 02 May 2015

I'm confused by your query. Lexmark cartridges won't work on an Epson or vice versa. The bit version wouldn't come into the equation as that refers to the Operating System. Possibly you have purchased the wrong cartridges?

  rdave13 20:10 02 May 2015

Or mixed and matched? Epson ink cartridges start with a "T" for the code as far as I'm aware.

  bumpkin 21:16 02 May 2015

I am assuming that you have 2 printers 1 Lexmark and 1 Epson. Did they work with your existing operating system before you bought the new cartridges.

The cartridges are just cartridges and providing they are the correct ones should work OK (nothing to do with 32 or 64 bit) However if you have changed your operating system from 32 to 64bit then you may well need new drivers for the printers.

  bessiebup 00:22 11 May 2015

Hello I am very sorry for my post. I myself cannot understand it. It all happened when I removed Windows XP 32 bit and installed Windows 7 32 bit. I wrote my post before I went to hospital, and so was not well. Both my printers do not work ever since uninstalling XP. Presumably I will have to buy a new printer. Liza

  wee eddie 00:30 11 May 2015

You will have to download W7 Drivers, if they are available for your Printers

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