Lexmark All-in-One

  Blind Pugh 19:48 12 Jan 2007

Hi to you all, I hope that there is one amongst you who can solve my latest problem which is driving me up the wall. Bought a new Lexmark All-in-One Printer scanner etc., model X1270 set it all up as per instructions- go to use it - Printer works but scanner does not. Device Manager stated "This device is not working properly because windows cannot load the drivers required for this device (Code 31) Trouble Shooter - error code 31 - This device depends on another device that is not funtioning correctly - can't find any other installed device that is not working. HELP

  bluto1 23:11 12 Jan 2007

I wish I could help. I`ve got a X2350 Lexmark all in one but i`m not sure I could even start to answer your query.

I wonder if you were to uninstall it and then follow the instructions carefully, re-install it. I cannot guarantee anything but the best of luck. At least now your post is bumped.

  FatboySlim71 00:23 13 Jan 2007

I agree with bluto 1 suggestion for uninstalling it then installing it again, follow EXACTLY the instructions. If this fails it could be a faulty scanner unit in it. If all the suggestions fail and you have just recently purchased it, it may be worth contacting the place of purchase and arrange for a replacement or a different printer.

  Taff™ 10:18 14 Jan 2007

From PC World? Mate of mine had an All In One Lexmark and the scanner function didn`t work. Took it back and they sold him a £9.99 3 year warranty (Good Value)and then replaced the printer only. It also didn`t work when he loaded the driver disk.

I noticed that the "User Centre" (or something like that) wasn`t available from Start>All Programs>Lexmark so I put the driver disk in the CD Drive, quit the installation program and used Windows Explorer to view the files on the CD. In one of the driver folders I found the scanner Setup.exe file and double clicked it. Hey presto! Sorted.

The Driver Disk user interface hadn`t load the scanner drivers originally or on a second attempt.

  Blind Pugh 10:20 17 Jan 2007

Thanks all for your help but of no avail-returned machine to where purchased and received a refund. On the lookout now for another bargain that might just load onto my machine.

  Blind Pugh 10:30 17 Jan 2007

I run Spybot - Search and Destroy which until now has worked well. I also run Spyware Terminator,this also works well. Last few scans made with Spybot have taken almost 2 hours to run and when results are shown will not destroy the problems indicated. Have re-installed this program with same results. Is it corrupted or have I got a Virus on my machine. I run Avast anti virus which does not throw up any problems in its scans.

  Taff™ 11:10 17 Jan 2007

You need to mark this thread as resolved by ticking the box and then the resolved button.

Then start another thread for your spybot problem. No one will spot your thread with a title Lexmark all in one. I`ll look out for the new thread!

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