lexmark 74/75 problems

  ruthcruet 16:04 14 Mar 2005

Is there anyone out there that can help me. I have an old Win 98, and have been trying for a week now to install a Lexmark 74/75 all in one Printer, well I eventually managed to install it last night, but since then every time I try to print it comes up with a message saying I do not have enough memory!so cannot print anything. I went into Systems and this is what it said-250ram, 74%free,filesystem-32bit,virtualmemory-32bit,disc compression-not installed, PcCard[PCMCIA]noPcCard sockets are installed. Not sure if you needed all that info? but you got it anyway[lol]I am fairly new to computers so will need help in plain english and not Pc talk if possible [thank's]

  MichelleC 16:13 14 Mar 2005

Lexmarks are a pain sometimes. It's best to start totally from scratch again. Unplug printer, type in 'Find' Lexmark and delete all files in system. Go to Printers and delete icons there. Then reboot and install software with all background progs turned off (except vitals like system tray, explorer), then plug in printer.

  Wak 16:37 14 Mar 2005

Hi Ruth, I have an X75 so will try and help if I can.
I assume that you installed the printer using the proper CD and only plugged the printer in when told to do so??
Lexmark printers can be awkward if not installed exactly as per instructions.
Double click on the MY COMPUTER icon on the Desk top.
How large is the C:\ Local drive??
Also, go in to System properties where you found your other information and click the Virtual Memory button at the bottom of the panel.
Put a dot next to "Let Windows manage my Virtual memory".
Can you print anything? Even an E-mail or a small Doc file??
Go to START/ Settings/ Printers.
Double click on your printer name.
In next panel click PRINTER, Click on "Set as Default", click Properties.
Click DETAILS tab/ Spool Settings.
Tick first line (Spool Print jobs..)
Tick third line (Start printing...)
Tick "ENABLE Bi-directional printing.

What does it say in the Spool Data Format Box??
EMF?, LEMF?, or RAW.

Please Post back with answers.

  ruthcruet 16:42 14 Mar 2005

Hi MichelleC, thank you for your reply. As I said in my message I am not very good at computers yet, plus I am loathe to have to uninstall the printer as it took me a week to install it. So is there any easier way I can sort out my problem!I do hope so???

  ruthcruet 17:24 14 Mar 2005

Hi WAK,thank you for replying.The way I managed to install the printer was by the Wizard, at no time did it say anything about not having the printer on or off, so I had it plugged in and on.Yes I did have the disc, but in the past it just kept comming up with an error saying to install the CD, it was in the computer at the time.So I did not'click Have Disc'last night.I have just gone in to check the size of C:\ it say's at bottom-has 21 objects plus 20 hidden.As I cannot go into the same route you have asked me to. Sorry , I have no idea how to find'let windows manage my virtual memory[I did say I was a novice]So would be gratful if you could spare me the time to get it right?

  Wak 19:42 14 Mar 2005

Hi, From what you say it sounds as if you have let Windows System install the Windows Drivers for the printer instead of using the drivers on the Lexmark CD.
Try the following.
Switch the Printer ON.
On the Desk top, RIGHT click the My Computer Icon.
Click Properties, Device Manager tab.
Go down the list to IMAGING DEVICES.
Click the + sign to open it up.
Click on Lex X74-75 to highlight it.
Click Properties (at the bottom).
Click Driver tab.
Click DRIVER DETAILS button.
It will show you the drivers installed and these should be USBSCAN.SYS, VMM32.VXD, and LXBBSCIN.DLL (those are what I have using Windows 98SE and Lex 75).
If you do not have these drivers then
The Wizard will appear, click NEXT until you come to the page which allows you to tell the Wizard to search the CD ROM for the drivers.
Insert the CD in the drive, click next and follow instructions. You should have two CDs, the second one covers the Fax software.
That should install the correct drivers.

Regarding the size of your hard drive? Have you got a MY COMPUTER icon on the desk top??
If you have, DOUBLE LEFT CLICK it and it will show you all your drives in a panel.
Along side the C:\ it should say "Local Drive 20GB" or something similar, meaning that your hard drive is 20 Gigabytes in capacity.

Regarding the Virtual Memory bit?
Go to Start/ Settings/ Control Panel/ System/ Performance. The Virtual Memory button should be at the bottom.

See how you go.

  ruthcruet 17:37 15 Mar 2005

Hi WAK, me again[sorry]I have been trying to do what you said. But I must be thicker than I fist thought!I R clicked My Computer,Properties,Device Manager,but I do not have Image Device on the list. Oh and as for the help you gave me about finding the Spool Setting's, it say's in the Format Box=RAW.I am really sorry about sounding so thick[must be my age]I do have two CDs that came with the Printer, but the second one is for installing software for MAC.As I said last night that when I click on My Computer to check drivers on C:\ it only comes up with [21 object plus 20 hidden] [I'm really crap at this arn't I]Still we all have to start somewhere]Great talking to you and I will understand if you give me up as a lost cause.

  Wak 20:23 15 Mar 2005

Hi Ruth, Can you tell me, Have you got Windows 98 or Windows 98 SE ???
It will tell you if you RIGHT click MY COMPUTER icon on the Desk Top/ then LEFT click Properties then look on the General page.
That could be one reason why things aren't going to plan.
Starting from the beginning again, have you got the Lexmark User's Guide??
Please answer the above and we'll see where we go from there.

  Happy Soul 20:41 15 Mar 2005

Hi ruthcruet, if you say you are thick because you have a problem you can't figure out, don't worry, virtually everyone on this site has had a problem they couldn't sort out, including myself, so that makes us all thick. Welcome to the club. |;-o

  ruthcruet 02:19 16 Mar 2005

Hi again WAK,I have Win 98 second adition. I have the Lexmark user guide by my side,[not that it tell's you much]plus a large sheet that came with it on how to basically plug it in. It has 12 pictures, picture 11 just a picture of the Pc screen saying Add New Hardware, but to click the cancel button. And picture 12 just has the CD drawer on it with the CD above and an arrow pointing down to the drawer that's it!

  Wak 12:28 16 Mar 2005

Hi Ruth, Good, now we know what's what!
I think you let the Wizard install it's own drivers instead of the proper ones from the CD.
Picture 11 from the large sheet is telling you to CANCEL the wizard until it goes away and then to insert the CD disc in the drive but first switch the computer ON, switch the printer ON and then have a look at page 20 in the Guide (Software installation appears in complete) and follow those instructions through to the letter.
That should re-install the drivers properly.
Do NOT restart the computer, just try and print something.
We mentioned the FORMAT box in Spool Settings earlier and yours said RAW. Mine says LEMF so maybe yours should say LEMF once the proper drivers are installed.
See how you go.

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