Lexmark 4550 - cartridge missing

  therapet 14:58 08 Feb 2009

Have just bought the correct 34 and 34 Lexmark cartridges for x4550 - put them in and its is accepting the black left hand side cartridge, but the right one its saying midding cartridge!!!!!

I have done everything needed i have bought the correct Lexmark cartridges and it wont print colour.

Help please!!!! Asap!!!!

  Sea Urchin 15:06 08 Feb 2009

I assume you mean cartridges 34 and 35 - and not two black inks. I would try removing BOTH cartridges and then firmly re-seating them (colour first).

  therapet 15:15 08 Feb 2009

Yes sorry black and colour 34 and 35 - and we have done colour first and still getting missing cartridge!

  therapet 15:21 08 Feb 2009

This seems to be a frequent problem with Lemark 4550 the internet is full of the same problem and so far i havent found an answer anywhere - am desperate as run a small charity and need computer and printer daily.
any help welcome?

  Sea Urchin 15:40 08 Feb 2009

Yes, I found the same thing - it always seems to be the right cartridge that causes the problem. Could you try replacing the colour cartridge from your supplier in case it is faulty? Otherwise maybe contact Lexmark Support

click here

By the way, is this a new printer, or has it previously been working OK?

  therapet 15:42 08 Feb 2009

Sea Urchin

Thank you very much have done both - supplier of cartridge xlshop - and e-mail away to lexmark.
So frustrating isnt it

  therapet 15:44 08 Feb 2009

This is a maybe about l year old and was working fine till the colour ink ran out and i tried to put in the replacement one.
I have checked and it is compatable as the numbers are in the installation brochure from Lexmark.
Maybe the cartridge is faulty?

  Sea Urchin 16:03 08 Feb 2009

Lets hope that is the problem, and that it can be sorted easily.

  therapet 19:53 08 Feb 2009


QVC just responded to my e-mail, i bought it in October 07 and this is the first time i have changed the ink.
They have given me a number 008 no to phone lexmark and speak to someone.
Told them about all the forums with this problem and they say its now discontinued but have taken note.

So tomorrow guess where i will be phoning at 9.00

  therapet 15:28 09 Feb 2009

Ledmark sent me instructions to clean the cartridge etc., still didtn work.

So e-mailed XLshop where bought the cartridge and they are sending out a replacement.

So fingers crossed it works then - thanks for the help.

Will let you know how it goes when replacement comes and hope its not the machine. Lexmark x4550 dosent get a good name, but was shown as being the best on QVC.

  Sea Urchin 15:32 09 Feb 2009

I have never found Lexmark printers to be that reliable, but that doesn't help you :@)

Here's hoping that the new cartridge works OK

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