Lexmark 1180 problems / should I replace??

  Marey 01:00 10 Sep 2006

I think my PC has finally given up talking to my all-in-one printer. Most things I try to print come out very faint / light & dark horizontal lines. The cartridge is nearly full. I've selected "best" quality print, checked my USB connection, downloaded a new driver from the Lexmark site - nothing helps. But very occasionally things print out ok!! It's driving me crazy. The printer is just out of warranty. I really need a reliable printer as I'm going into my final year of Uni, so if I can't sort this out I'm thinking: should I just give up and buy a new one (with cheaper cartridges)? Any advice on fixing this or a good value replacement would be very welcome...

  STREETWORK 07:19 10 Sep 2006

Is there a facility to clean the printheads?

This sounds like a printhead blockage, common in inkjets when the weather is hot as it dries them out if not used for some time...

  Marey 10:27 10 Sep 2006

Thanks for quick response, but I've tried cleaning the heads - the top third of the test page prints ok then it goes blank. This printer's never been that great - I'm now really thinking of ditching it...

  spuds 17:35 10 Sep 2006
  STREETWORK 19:24 10 Sep 2006

Run the print head cleaning several times. If this does not work and you are sure there is nothing to loose try this,

Get to the print head nozzles and also remove the cartridges. Using a pipet or something to control drips and place some alcohol fluid in there, allow to dry and run the cleaning again then check the print quality.


If there is a cleaning pad near the end of the travel bay, see if you can remove and change it as the print head can pick up dust and deposits from here...

  skidzy 20:53 10 Sep 2006

Printed pages have alternating bands of light and dark print

Printed pages have alternating bands of light and dark print Printing tasks Scanning/Copying/Faxing tasks Troubleshooting
If your All-In-One pauses frequently (every two or three lines) during a print job, and prints pages with alternating bands of light and dark print, it is printing data faster than the computer can send it. Banded printing occurs when the All-In-One pauses frequently. You may need to change your All-In-One software settings, or the problem may be that your All-In-One and your computer may not be able to communicate properly.

Are your All-In-One and computer able to communicate data?

To see if your All-In-One and computer are communicating properly, check the Printer Status on the Status tab of your Lexmark Solution Center.
To go to the Status tab and check your Printer Status, click here .

If Cannot Communicate is listed as the Printer Status: If Ready or Busy Printing is listed as the Printer Status:

Go to How to solve communication problems. The problem may be with your printer software settings. Go to Ready or Busy printing is listed as the status.

I have the same printer in front of me at the moment,the text above is taken from the trouble shooter.Maybe this will help.

Alternatively delete the software/reboot/and reload the software,if the cause is pausing while printing and lack of communication from the pc,it could be a conflict between other software.

Hope this helps.

  silverous 21:41 10 Sep 2006

My parents-in-law had all kinds of problems with their lexmark printers, but they are so relatively cheap (often) that you are better off replacing them thant trying to fix or risking that a new cartridge might fix it.

Do you use it often?

Sometimes placing the print head on some slightly moist kitchen towel can clear anything that is blocking them. Nothing to lose by trying that. I would've thought that Lexmark site would have some useful troubleshooting for this kind of thing.

  skidzy 22:01 10 Sep 2006

Totally agree with silverous,lexmark 1100 series is cheap enough around £45.00 depending where from .

I use these at 3 locations and have served me well really.Normally lasting around 18-24 months.So for that money,i guess its worth it.

  Marey 22:55 10 Sep 2006

Skidzy - I've tried all the Lexmark troubleshooting fixes already, have checked in Device Manager for conflict alerts (is that what you mean?) and nothing showing. Will also try deleting & reloading the software. failing that I will try manually cleaning the nozzles as Streetwork and Silverous described - fingers crossed, and will let you know. Cheers for now

  FreddyNoFriends 22:25 12 Sep 2006

I've got the same all in one model and have experienced similar problems with mine from the first time I replaced the cartridges. And they were genuine Lemark cartridges which cost a fortune.

The problem seems to be the print heads drying out. You could try buying one of those ink replacement kits for a fiver and giving the printing nozles a good clean with tissue paper and cotton buds. It's worked for me a couple of times.
Unfortunately its a choice between risking the print heads getting bunged up or the printer not working at all.

I think Lexmark knocked the 1180 model out on the cheap with the plan to charge a lot for the ink cartridges - which only they seem to sell. But then maybe I'm just cynical...

  Marey 00:05 13 Sep 2006

I've ordered 2 new Lexmark low-use cartridges in a last bid to sort this out.I can't get the current black one to do anything even though its about half full, I've tried cleaning it but it may well have got too dried out as I haven't been using the printer that regularly lately (trying to save ink!) Hopefully the new carts will work, and with more regular use won't dry out again. Will update this thread with results in case this is useful to any other X1180 victims, sorry, I mean customers...

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