LEXMARK 1150 black text

  SECRETSPACE 14:37 30 Aug 2003

Only 3 months old and printed 100 pages (1/5text) in black.Just started horizontal banding and missing lines completely. I've cleaned the print heads twice but the nozzle check shows the nozzles are still clogged. the ink monitor shows 50%.
Also, as the printer came free with a PC package do I report the problem to Lexmark or to the PC retailer.

  Wak 15:33 30 Aug 2003

Hi, I believe that a printer cartridge needs to print just a couple of lines of text at least every two weeks just to keep the ink flowing and to stop the nozzles in the print head from drying out.
I would suggest standing the cartridge print head in about 1/4" of hot water in a saucer (not boiling) for about 10/15 minutes and then dab it on to a moist paper tissue until you can see the three colours on the tissue. Repeat the water if necessary.
You could also try ink flush in a saucer.
When you see all colours on the tissue, do a head clean and the re-align the cartridge if required.
If you go back to the suppliers I would think that they would only suggest that you try a new cartridge before doing anything else.
Incidentally, if it is a black only cartridge then you will have to try and judge when all the jets are unblocked.
I hope this is of some help.

  SECRETSPACE 16:54 04 Sep 2003

It is only the black cartridge and have you seen what it looks like!!!
It looks like a mini computer rather than an ink cartridge, no wonder it doesnt work properly!

I tried contacting Lexmarks technical support twice but each time the email froze. I did manage to email through the companies non-tech email address but didnt receive a reply.

As an 8 year user of only Epson printers I think I have learned a lesson here and thankfully a very cheap one ( the lexmark was free).

I suppose I could try heating the cartridge or indeed replacing it but why should I when I have a nice big wheelie bin.

  Wak 19:02 04 Sep 2003

Lexmark cartridges look like minicomputers because that's what they are and not just a plastic box full of ink.
Lexmark put their technology into their cartridges and not into the printers like Epson.
Consequently, if the Lexmark cartridge gets blocked it can be easily replaced (like Canon and many other printers) but if the Epson print head gets blocked ( as part of the printer) then I understand that's a very different story.
Never had an Epson but I gather it's either quite expensive or difficult to clean the print head once it gets blocked.
(Wak now standing by to receive 'orrible threats from Epson users)

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