level and edge-sensitive.

  knownix 09:24 15 Nov 2005

so I have not got far and the next "huu wha da mean!"
PCI interrupts are level-sensitive, unlike ISA interrupts which are edge-sensitive. The bit about PCI and ISA interrupts I understand but I do not like guessing, and that is what I am doing with level and edge-sensitive.

  DieSse 13:46 15 Nov 2005

Level-sensitive means the status changes when the signals are a different levels - for example 5V means one state and 0V means the other state.

Edge sensitive means the status change is triggered by the rising or falling of the signal (ie the edge of the signal, not the actual level of the signal). Often the status change is only on the rising edge - which means a short pulse can be used to make the status change - it doesn't change back again when the pulse finishes.

That's just the way they are designed to work, not some kind of user option.

  DieSse 13:50 15 Nov 2005

Incidentally level sensitive is often more stable, as edge sensitive statuses can be triggered by noise pulses - ie falsely triggered. There's potentially lots of noise signals around in a PC, so minimisin effects from them is very important.

  Kate B 14:36 15 Nov 2005


Thought this was a forum for absolute beginners! I'm pretty knowledgeable and I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. Any chance of explaining it for fellow dunces?

  DieSse 15:03 15 Nov 2005

I thought it a rather abstruse question for beginners too - suspected it was a part of a project or reading through a manual.

In all honesty it's not important - it's just part of many many design considerations of the PCI and ISA busses.

Have a look a short way down this page for another explanation (which hopefully re-inforces what I was trying to say!) click here

  knownix 18:32 17 Nov 2005

kate b ,DiSse is right I am doing an online course(very basic stuff)and came a cross level and edge-sensitive and like your self no idea,
DiSse thank you I just like to have half an idea to sort it out in my head,you have helped me a lot.

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