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  User-7B915308-8AD8-4BE0-8420DCEE7E605148 14:18 19 Apr 2003

While on the chat rooms,I've noticed some user names have got sort of 'symbols,Italics,...etc.I just wondered how you can do this as opposed to the normal letters or caps.

  freakbrothers 14:22 19 Apr 2003


Usually their is a settings section in the 'options' section of the programs used.
You should be able to access it in their.

MSN Messenger, Its in 'tools' > options> change font etc

Hope that helps a bit.

  pj123 14:22 19 Apr 2003

Yes, so have I. I suppose they make up their User Name in word using Insert Symbols and then copy and paste.

  -pops- 15:33 19 Apr 2003

Remember that this use of symbols instead of conventional lettering can cause intense irritation among users of some browsers who are unable to copy and paste or even emulate the symbols at all. Note the several examples on this where a moniker contains a question mark or a box. I am fairly sure this wasn't the intention of the writer to use this.

If you really want to pursue this go to Start, (All) Programs, System Tools, Character Map. Click on the sign you are interested in and you will get the Alt + number combination for that sign.


thanks a lot -pops-.......maybe your right,it can be infuriating to see some of these cocktails users have made up when doing a name,thanks for the help anyway,more curious than anything else.tc :)

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