Letter with a slur

  K*B 16:51 31 Mar 2009

Hello friends, how do I type a letter with a slur in MS WORD, like the "e" in "attaché"? Thanks.

  Clapton is God 16:56 31 Mar 2009

I assume you mean an accent.

A "slur" usually occurs after too much alcohol.

In Word go to Insert; Symbol and try Normal Text

  BT 16:57 31 Mar 2009

Choose Insert from the menu bar then Symbol and find the letter you want in the table. Click on it and it will appear at the cursor position.

We always called them accents when I was at school

  Wak 16:59 31 Mar 2009

Hi, If you are using Win XP go to START/ Programs/ Accessories/ System Tools/ Character Map. It could also depend upon which font you are using.
Hope this helps.

  BT 16:59 31 Mar 2009

Must learn to type faster
Must learn to type faster
Must learn to type faster

  Stuartli 17:05 31 Mar 2009

You can slur most words - or even your accent - after alcohol..:-)

  Stuartli 17:07 31 Mar 2009

..or accent the slurring...:-)

  BT 17:24 31 Mar 2009

OK, so how did you do it in your initial post then?

Cut & Pasted it from elsewhere?

  Clapton is God 20:57 31 Mar 2009


  Eric10 21:38 31 Mar 2009

In Word you can type accents directly from the keyboard.

Acute accent- Ctrl + ' followed by the letter to accent gives - é á ú ó

Grave accent- Ctrl + `(key below Esc) followed by letter to accent gives - à è ù ò

Umlaut- Ctrl + : followed by letter to accent gives - ä ë ü ö

Circumflex- Ctrl + ^ followed by letter to accent gives - â ê û ô

Note that for characters that need the shift key you will be using Ctrl+Shift+key followed by the letter to accent.

click here for more info.

  ronalddonald 23:06 31 Mar 2009

hick, whash that all abouts then hick

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