The letter O and the number 0

  ianeon 03:09 31 Jan 2004

People with restricted vision have difficulty distinguishing between 0 & O. Is there a way of writing the number "0" with the diagonal slash through it ? - Thank you - Ian

  bremner 08:19 31 Jan 2004

Ø symbol is available in Arial, Times New Roman and some other fonts.

In Word it is Insert>Symbol. You can then use Autocorrect to assign this symbol each time you hit the 0 key.

  slimbo51 14:02 31 Jan 2004

With ref to this posting...
Does anyone know how to change the keyboard mapping character for the "0"(Zero) to be able to put a slash through it, so as to permantly change this.

I do appreciate this is not easy, but was just wondering if anyone has come across a program,file..Ect for doing this.

Many thanks for any help.

  bremner 14:23 31 Jan 2004

click here for a font editor - 30 day free trial

  Peter 14:25 31 Jan 2004


As bremner suggests you could use AutoCorrect in Word (Tools, AutoCorrect, Replace 0, With Ø) to get the Ø (Alt 0216) character each time 0 is entered. This works in Times New Roman and should work in several other fonts.

Alternatively you could use the Fixedsys font which enters a 0 with a dot in the middle of the 0.


  Pesala 14:28 31 Jan 2004

Before doing something like this one has to think it through. Capital O slash - Ø - is not a zero, so it won't work in spreadsheets.

The best solution is to choose suitable fonts. Some have much sharper distinctions between 0 and O than others. Try Georgia or Garamond for example.

You can also edit fonts if you have special needs. Font Creator from High-Logic click here is an excellent and low cost Truetype font editor. Adding a slash to the zero on a few dozen fonts wouldn't take long. One would simply make it into a composite character like â or é.

Changing the keyboard mapping is certainly possible in Word or WordPerfect. To change it system wide, the most flexible solution and easiest to implement is a macro recorder program. I use Perfect Keyboard Pro click here to type special symbols required for Pali like Ā Ī and Ū. One could map the O slash to Control zero, then one can still type a true zero easily.

  slimbo51 14:55 31 Jan 2004

Thanks for all your comments and sugested progs.
Will have a look at them to see if they will do what I need.

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