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  chrisbather 20:02 21 Dec 2006

I have recently finished a website for a friend. I did him a site about 4 years ago in frontpage. It was an old GCSE project and tbh it didnt look to great. I recently however have updated it. Please take a look and tell me what you think.

I also want to know if there are any good guides about for Flash. I would love to do a flash animation but it looks sooooo difficult. I cant seem to find a guide on the basics. I was thinking just something simple for the index page so as to have a more professional opening to the site. Any links, hints or tips would be most appreciated.

click here

  chrisbather 09:06 22 Dec 2006

Do you know why IE7 did that? On my pc and 3 others i have been onto it just plays audio as soon as the page loads in the background as oppose to opening windows media player.

I appreciate what your saying about the spaces on the images but to be frank, people dont need to be right clicking and save as, so i aint too bothered if they are miffed that it has %20 in the spaces!

With regards to the about page, that is what my friend wanted. I originally put the 'about' info on the home page but it was decided to be done like it is.

As for google please expand on why it wouldnt get a good ranking with them.... what ticks there boxes??

Lastly, the content of the site is fine with my friend. He wanted a few pages basically showing what his business does. On each page he wanted a bit of text and some images next to, under or above.

thanks for your reply

  chrisbather 09:10 22 Dec 2006

oh one thing i did forget with regards to things not being in the middle. I had to comprimise with him and his pc. His resolution on his pc is smaller than mine so on his pc everything is central. On mine everything is slighty to the left. I wasnt sure how to account for people using different resolutions so left it as is.

  Z1100 13:16 22 Dec 2006

Get rid of that Big Yellow Truck and then the 'engine' blaring out was appalling. I never got to the site because I do not do ActiveX, Flash, Quick Time or any other gizmo.

So that means you will need to put a second entry for defensive surfers like me or lose the traffic.


  Z1100 17:58 22 Dec 2006

I never got to the site because I do not do ActiveX, Flash, Quick Time or any other gizmo.

So that means you will need to put a second entry for defensive surfers like me or lose the traffic.

Go on, tell me, please, I am eager to find out.


  GroupFC 20:16 22 Dec 2006

For what it is worth comments like your last are hardly likely to endear you to the majority of the members of this forum!

Z1100's comments were not offensive, and for what it's worth I agree with him, about most of the site.

However you say that your friend is generally happy with the site (I paraphase, a little), so that's all that really matters. It would be intresting tho' to see the site traffic figures!

  chrisbather 10:29 25 Dec 2006

well hanx, being as though your eager to find out, saying oh my god the worst ever and get rid of that big yellow truck with the engine blarring out isnt constructive. If you dont like it then try phrasing it in a less offensive manner. There are ways and means of saying things. If i offended anyone with my reply then i apologise because it wasnt meant to. To have 2 posts lay into it they way they did i am bound to be aggrieved. Frankly group FC i am not looking to 'endear' people. I dont join forums looking for friends like some do on the internet. I wanted a bit of feedback, which would have been nice if it wasnt offensive.

  Forum Editor 13:06 25 Dec 2006

it's not the end of the world, and to be honest, if you post here asking people to "Please take a look and tell me what you think." they are likely to do just that.

In the main the people here are a helpful and knowledgeable bunch, and nobody means to give offence. When you design a website it's perefectly natural to be pleased with the result, and it's never easy when someone says they don't like something. I've been designing sites commercially for years, and I still feel that twinge of angst when a client picks a hle in what I've produced. You work so closely with a site design that it's very easy to miss the blindingly obvious - which is why an appraisal by some detached, impartial viewers can be invaluable. Try to look at it from that point of view, and your irritation might ebb away.

After all, it's probably better to take a few knocks here, amongst friends, than wonder why your site is being rejected by the people who really matter - your potential custmers.

  chrisbather 21:29 25 Dec 2006

fair enough

  Forum Editor 00:55 26 Dec 2006

myself. It seems to state its case pretty well, and has that authentic 'car site' feel to it.

I haven't made a detailed inspection, but based on a fairly rapid click through the pages I can make the following comment:-

wouldn't be happy with all that multi-coloured text myself - I think I would probably stick to white and pale blue against that blue background, and I might drop the font point size down a notch.

Apart from that, check the text very carefully.

"BMC is also an aproved Powerflow Dealer" should be 'BMC is also an approved Powerflow Dealer' for instance.

  chrisbather 11:19 26 Dec 2006

well this is it. My friend whos business it is, is very happy with the site. He never gave me much to go with other than it needs to basically show what he does and has his used cars on. I would have loved to put more info on the pages but couldnt because theres nothing more to write. He saw that multicoloured text on another site and liked it, hence it ended up here. Believe me i understand its 'joe public' who views the site and that a fair bit might not like certain aspects, but he is aware of that and well frankly its his money. He isnt interested with selling things on the site just more getting the message across as what his business does, and advertising the cars.
The one thing i really wanted to know is more of search engines side. I really do not know what google want in terms of layout so that there spiders pick it up?? any ideas?? For example if i put bmc in the search how would we get it up near the top of the search??

Yeah i know about spelling errors, still finding them all the time. Eventually they are all being corrected. thank you forum editor, very helpful

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