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  @Home 22:25 13 Feb 2004

Over the past few days I have been looking for a firewall to try so I decided to try the 15 Day Free Trail of Norton 2004 Firewall. I download it from their Website and then Installed without any hitches.

I rebooted my PC and then the Norton asked to set up an Internet Connection, all went well. I then did the Live-updates, so far so good. Rebooted. I then clicked on the Icon in the system tray and all I got was a black box in the middle of the screen. No writing in it, just black and blank.

So I rebooted again and did the same again, up came the black box. Not having a clue what was at fault, I decided to uninstall. After which, to my horror I found that some of my other programs would no longer work. I have an Add-Remove program (not the Windows) and it had completely trashed that.

Has anyone any idea what went wrong? After all I did get it from Norton’s website, and I had no other Firewall Installed.

And the other thing is, why does it trash other programs when it’s being uninstalled?

In the end I plumped for Etrust EZ Firewall.

I think I’ll leave Norton alone.

  woodchip 22:34 13 Feb 2004

Programs change DLL files but not all goes well some times, it all depends what software you already have on your computer. and if it's not installed correctly, it will not uninstall correctly ether that's why you have got a problem. if it's not affected Windows I would just reinstall the programs that's been affected but this also can make things worse if not done right. i.e. remove through Add Remove first then go to find files and remove any folders and files with the Program Name then Reinstall. this goes for all the programs that it as messed up

  hugh-265156 22:48 13 Feb 2004
  @Home 23:06 13 Feb 2004

Hey Gaz 25,
I'm not slaging off Norton. I had a nightmare with it, couldn't understand why, so thought it was best left alone.

Glad you've had more success.

  billyliv 01:11 14 Feb 2004

Hi, I dumped all firewalls and anti virus progs. ages ago. I am behind a D-Link router, and only download when I consider it to be totally safe to do so. Any E. mails that arrive that I am not expecting, or look so obvious to be dodgy get deleted sraight away. Its the same situation as getting junk mail through your letterbox, you dont even open it, it goes into the bin. Norton in my opinion is all hype and more hassle than it is worth, not only that, what they dont tell you, is, they want loads of dosh from you to keep up their so called protection. That is after buying their product in the first place. Take care All and Goodnight. Bill

  Gaz 25 01:41 14 Feb 2004

Sorry, I must have been misinterpreted!

I meant that Nortons products are typical for being unreliable. I agree totally with you!

I have had endless problems with the 'half' uninstalltion and the messy updates.

It left my PC near unbootable a few times.

I now use Panda Internet Security Platinum click here - Offers me excellent protection and does not slow down PC, Updates daily in the background, scans for viruses, hacking tools, jokes, keyloggers, spyware, dialers and scripts, etc. Also has suspect file detection and an excellent e-mail scanner, it is all very quick too.

It includes a firewall, but I dont really like it as much as the antivirus side, so thats disabled and I use the XP firewall, which sits behing a GateDefender and VPN firewall.

Anyhow. Zonealarm free seems to get good reviews.

  Gaz 25 01:45 14 Feb 2004

'or look so obvious to be dodgy get deleted sraight away.'

I am afraid, but I have been in the real world and seen the danger viruses pose. Some viruses dont need to be downloaded by the user, they do it themselves withoput prompts via a website or e-mail,just by quickly scanning across.

My self, a router will stop hackers but an Antivirus is not to be sacrificed no matter what.

You may thank me one day!

I have seen a very current website offering a crack for a program to get it for free, the page encodes a JS file which loads then in return a .txt file, which is renamed by the js file to a .exe and run.

Once the exe is run, aha. No prompts not a thing.

get some AV, at least.

  hugh-265156 01:49 14 Feb 2004

have tried both zonealarm click here and outpost(free) click here for firewall.both are good.older versions of zonealarm gave me some problems when i overclocked my ati graphics card(true vector errors/restarts) so i changed to outpost(not so user friendly)but am now back with latest zonealarm as is really easy to set up.working well.

avg for antivirus,avg free click here has never caused any problems what so ever.

  Gaz 25 02:24 14 Feb 2004

huggyg71 -

Good to hear it. I just tried a ZA pro set-up, must say it takes some bashing from serious hackers.

  georgemac 08:05 14 Feb 2004

norton screwed up my PC badly a couple of years ago, I also advise my friends never to use it. Yhe only other thing I advise peopel not to use is aol, it's too hard to get rid of if you want to change, well it was anyway.

I use AVG and sygate personal edition firewall, both free and have kept me OK.

  SafeHaven 11:30 14 Feb 2004

I have used Norton for over 3 years now and never had a problem with Hackers or Viruse it's always done it's job. I can't really say what the problem is your having unless you have not uninstalled prev firewalls ot Virus protection.

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