Less spam if I swap .com domain for .co.uk?

  cyberphobic 19:15 21 Dec 2006

I've had my own .com domain for about the last 3 years. Gradually the amount of spam has increased until I am probably getting 15-20 spam messages a day. I've tried mailwasher but it isn't really a solution, I always delete, never reply and I've set up about 30 different message rules so that all the most obvious messages (Viagra etc) aren't downloaded. The majority of spam which I receive now is related to loans and mortgages etc all from American companies.It occurred to me that if I changed to a domain ending in .co.uk I might disqualify myself from a lot of this Transatlantic drivel Anyone got any experience of this?

  BurrWalnut 19:27 21 Dec 2006

In my experience it won't be very long before the 'spiders' catch up with you.

I get about 120 spam messages per day of which 20 or so are trapped by rules.

  john-232317 19:56 21 Dec 2006

I have a Spanish address and still get it.
Send an email to the president and get him to make spamming illegal in the USA, ;-)

  Ashrich 22:33 21 Dec 2006

I have my domain name with easily.co.uk , they have a built in spam catcher that you can simply configure yourself , works a treat , I get virtually no spam now , maybe 2 a week , that's all


  cyberphobic 17:35 22 Dec 2006

Thanks for your helpful replies. I am with 1and1 so have decided to do two things - register a .co.uk domain which I will use for webmail and also try varying the settings on the anti-spam control box on my .com domain to try and kill the spam without losing valid messages (which is what happened last time!)

  john-232317 21:04 22 Dec 2006

I just looked this up for somebody with a similar business mail problem, click here dont know the cost or what its like though. Have a read. It looks like they check all your mail for spam and nasties and then send on the clean stuff.

  Batch 11:20 23 Dec 2006

One thing I have done to make life easier is to set up separate email addresses for different purposes. E.g. one each for Online Purchases, Banking etc., Contacts (i.e. my friends) and, lastly, Sundries (e.g. various website registrations).

I expect the Sundries to start getting hit with spam quite quickly. When it does, I'll just bin it and start a new one.

The others will probably attract spam in due course, but hopefully not too soon. When each of them gets unmanageable, they too will need to be replaced.

However, a major advantage of this approach is that when any particular email address needs changing the effort involved is relatively limited.

Of course, with your own domain, if this is for a specific purpose (e.g. a business), there is not a lot you can do as changing domains is not good for business. But all other uses can be handled as above.

  jack 11:46 23 Dec 2006

The sure fire way to stop spam getting to your computer is to stop it before it gets there.

Go to Start, right click on the E-mail Client icon[OutlookExpress/Thunderbird/ whatever]and click on remove from the start up group.
When you fire up the computer make sure the E-mail client is not running.
Now go online and access your Webmail account.
scan the inbox and mark [tick]as blacklist all the stuff you do not want. then click delete.
Come out of that and run the Email client from your desktop

If you do that everyday on start up- after a week or so the SPAM will have if not gone completely will be a trickle

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