Lenses on digital SLR

  faulties 16:43 19 Dec 2004

This may seem a stupid question but I have no idea about cameras.

Is it possible to change the lense on a digital SLR camera?

I ask because we have several bayonet lenses for an old SLR. If we can fit them onto a digital one it may help me decide which I will buy, one that will take the existing lenses!


  ICF 17:02 19 Dec 2004

Have a look at this forum click here

  Gongoozler 17:19 19 Dec 2004

Generally if the digital SLR camera uses the same lens fitting as the film camera, you can use the flm camera lenses, however because the digital camera sensor is less than the 35mm film area, the effective focal length of the lens will be that much greater. Have a look at these reviews:-

click here

click here

  Stuartli 17:24 19 Dec 2004

There are digital cameras from the likes of Canon and Nikon that will accept film camera lenses - you just buy the digital camera body.

But they are professional systems and the digital camera body will be expensive.

Remember too that a digital camera's CCD is smaller than a 35mm frame, hence the oft quoted zoom lens figure being stated to be the equivalent of, for instance, a 35-70mm film camera zoom.

It depends on the manufacturer of your lenses whether they are likely to fit one of its professional digital camera models.

  Stuartli 17:41 19 Dec 2004

You post, I type...:-)

  faulties 12:11 21 Dec 2004

Now have this on favourites - thanks.

I've looked at the posts and been to all the manufacurers sites, some of the cameras look as if they'll take the lenses I have - thanks.

Price isn't too much of a problem (as long as it's under £1000) so just a body may be a good idea.
My existing lenses are a mixed bag as far as manufacturers are concerned. They came off a 25 year old Chinon bought by my partener when he went to work in Saudi. Your comment about the CCD thing makes me think we'll not need the extra long lense he used so I'll try selling it - thanks.

  Stuartli 17:37 21 Dec 2004

If the camera is that old, the lens mounts may be out of date/not fit current models; for instance Ashai switched from (Pratika) screw to bayont mounts not all that many years after I bought a (still superb) Pentax Spotmatic in 1966.

Worth a check to find out which will, or will not, be of use.

Chinon, IIRC, was a Dixons trade name and the equipment was manufactured/rebadged on its behalf.

  Stuartli 17:43 21 Dec 2004

..should read Asahi.... Superb 1.8 50mm Takumar lens.


click here

This was another camera I owned:

click here

  wotbus@ 20:17 21 Dec 2004

Odd thread - from someone who knows nothing about cameras willing to spend £1000 on a body in order to utilise a 25 yr old glass lens!
Professional digital/slr camera bodies cost a lot of money - so much in fact, that the manufacturer, in some cases, sells it without a lens in order that the user can utilise the good quality lens he/she already owns. [Canon EOS for example, but there are others].The optical lens of any camera is the important bit, the end result [photo/print/neg/shot/image - call it what you want], is entirely dependant on the quality of the lens. My advice would be to spend the £1000 on the best deal digital camera you can find and forget about trying to fit a redundant lens to it. Maybe a bit hard to accept, obsolescence, but I accept it by occasionally taking out my SpotMatic and its screw fit lens' for a session and yes, I still get a lift from changing them to suit, but I am the wrong side of 60 and can still appreciate "old" things. So, would you buy a brand new incomplete car and try to install some 25yr old technology to make it a go-er, I think not. Please accept my response in the spirit given, I mean no offence.

  rupie 20:35 21 Dec 2004

I have a Nikon D100. It is a fantastic camera. The ccd in it increases the focal length by 1.5 (50mm now is 75mm). Canon cameras stay the same (ish). Megga pixels are only half the story, many cameras used in sport have less than 3.0. but they shoot over 6 shot a sec, and print needs no more than this resolution. Alot of compact cameras save money by having plastic lenses and this works against the quality achieved by the size of the ccd. I have to say that if your lenses are over 15yrs old then you are better off replacing them. Dont forget that good quality 35mm lenses with the good 35mm camera they were bought for is still as good as digital. Nikon and canon still sell 35mm !! and lots of it. My d100 only means that clients get their pictures the same day, thats all.

  faulties 21:43 21 Dec 2004

We've decided to get myself a new up to date digital compact and pass my last one onto him. He thinks he'll keep the SLR in it's case, where it's been for the last 20 years (sentimental value you know).

He's not good with modern technology (he's only just the right side of 60) but yes I think he would buy that car to try make it a go-er but only if it needed mechanical bits and pieces!

Thanks again folks.

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