legs111 17:59 21 May 2004

PC 500 celeron
256 ram
Windows 98 2nd edition
My pc is failing to boot because HMEM is not available.
Using the boot floppy, it fails to load the diognostic tools to a drive therefore I am unable to extract HIMEM from the win98 disc.
The boot failure is also showing-Invalid System Disc.

Any suggstions out there.


  pj123 18:08 21 May 2004

Technically win98SE doesn't need the autoexec.bat or config.sys files so himem.sys doesn't come into it. Try a scanreg restore. Look at this previous thread for "how to do it" and check my response.

  Diemmess 19:48 21 May 2004

Sympathise with your Catch 22 situation.

Do try pj123's suggestion of booting to "Dos Command only", (press F8 repeatedly before Windows starts to load) and then run scanreg /restore.

If you have tried booting from a floppy then obviously you don't have a stray floppy in Drive A: which would account for the Invalid Disk message.

  pj123 12:44 22 May 2004

Sorry, just realised I didn't put a link to "previous thread". It is click here

  legs111 17:43 23 May 2004


I have run scanreg/restore as suggested, it has removed the invalid system disc problem.

I still can not boot into windows,
XMS Driver not installed and HImem sys is missing -is showing.

I have checked the windows dir and HIMEM.sys is in there.

Any further help would be much appreciated.


  SANTOS7 18:11 23 May 2004

the error message you get relates to bad or corrupt memory modules you may well have to replace them or it

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