Legit WinXP Home CD & install on 2 PCs same house

  Giggle n' Bits 12:49 04 Sep 2003

Can/does anyone out there know if its possible and does not cause any user/internet problems?.

If I was to have my 2 computers in my house both with WinXP Home from installed from the same CD on both computers.

So as not have to buy another nor not have to network pc's.

Would internet problems arrise ? Or any problems at all.

  sdf 12:55 04 Sep 2003

I Recently asked a similar question to some friends as MS, I own a copy of Win XP currently on my laptop. I asked if I could also put it on my desktop. The response was one liscence, one machine. With MS Office you can put the same copy on 1 desktop and 1 laptop (theory being you can't be using both at once (which of course all of us multi-tasking wizards can do with Windows apparantly!?!?)). I am not an expert on MS Licences, though I am told if you read in full the terms of a Win XP Licence you'll find you dont actually even own it! Crazy, but hey. I could be wrong on all of this - just passing on what I been told

  Jester2K II 12:57 04 Sep 2003

You only own the license to use it.

You can only use one copy of XP on one PC unless you buy a new license for the second PC.

  Giggle n' Bits 14:11 04 Sep 2003

oh, Well looks like I will have to buy another.

  Barrie_G 14:30 04 Sep 2003

click here it might save you a few quid.

  Linus Tourvald 14:35 04 Sep 2003

if you were to use it on the two computers it will not cause any problems with internet etc, the only problem is it will be illegal. Personally i WOULD use it on both as it is hardly the crime of the century is it!! and who would know?

  Ivor_Monkey 15:44 04 Sep 2003

I don't know, but are there two technical problems:

1) doesn't the second machine automatically communicate the existence of the software on its system back to the mother ship. Doesn't Mr.Gates then realise that you have same version running on 2 machines. Do you then get: Knock knock ....

2) is there likely to be any difficulty with activiating/registering the second version?

Thank goodness you don;t have to buy different music cds for each cd player in the house.

  Jester2K II 18:31 04 Sep 2003

You won't be able to activate the 2nd copy so it'll only work for 30 days or so..

"Thank goodness you don't have to buy different music CDs for each CD player in the house"

No point in trying to compare the license agreement on Win XP with that of a CD because they are totally different.

  Djohn 18:37 04 Sep 2003

Yep! 30 days only, I'm afraid :o(

  Brian-336451 18:50 04 Sep 2003

Early in XP's history, there was a lot of talk about just this dilemma.

The cat came out of the bag when it was reported (correctly) that the CD Key was 'reset' after (I believe) 4 months and that the effect was as if it was a new CD. This was Microsoft's response to the hoo haa at the time.

The above worked for me and I put XP on my laptop 4 months after my desktop upgrade with a successful registration the night I did it on the laptop. I've since gone back to Win98SE on the laptop because it just is not man enough to run XP.

Incidentally Microsoft rejected my CD Key the other day when I installed a new hard drive and I was referred to Microsofts 0800 number to talk to an 'advisor'.

I explained I had fitted a new hard drive and they gave me the release code over the phone. They were efficient, curteous and friendly.

Personally I don't hold with all this 'registration' whinging, just be patient intially then don't recoil if the software refers you to the phone - they aren't Big Brother.

Hope this helps.

  Jester2K II 18:55 04 Sep 2003

... to step round Activation whats the point?

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