Legalities of Downloading TV Programs

  mike1967 13:51 18 Feb 2007

Hi there

Just a quick question, does anyone know of the legalities of downloading TV programs using P2P
I'm talking about things like Lost, Prison Break etc, things which are shown months ahead in the State.
Plus things shown in the UK which prople record using the freeview digital sticks.

  mike1967 20:04 18 Feb 2007


  moorie- 20:28 18 Feb 2007

ive read recently about you tube being in trouble for having tv shows on it,i guess they will fall into the same categoryas films? shows like lost come out into the dvd rental market/sales once shown so they are going to lose revenue.
If you recorded it off channel 4 and as long as you dont share it,whos going to know?
but referring to p2p probably illegal like most of the stuff is

  skidzy 20:32 18 Feb 2007

Debate after debate regarding p2p software.....not going into that again,but i guess like moorie says........if for personal use !!!

  STREETWORK 20:35 18 Feb 2007

I would equate this to using a video to record a program for watching later, you paid the licence fee, so you paid to watch the program. But you cannot sell it on.

No doubt FE is busy researching this and will post here soon

  skidzy 21:05 18 Feb 2007

Apparently it is illegal,though i think we all know that. And this page is two years old
click here

  Stuartli 21:08 18 Feb 2007

The BBC has often stated it is quite happy for its radio and TV programmes to be recorded for personal use.

  rodriguez 21:12 18 Feb 2007

I have 4oD (the on demand service from Channel 4 where you download TV programmes to your PC) and they charge you for most of it's content, and even then it's DRM protected and expires. There is a free section (very limited), but I never use it because of these charges. I only got it so I could download programmes I missed earlier in the week anyway.

  sean-278262 21:26 18 Feb 2007

Lost, Prison Break - Very illegal to download them. Think breaking into the BBC and stealing the latest episodes of top gear and the like.

Programs like the news and items that are not going to be on DVD usually will not be chased up by the networks. I currently am downloading old episodes of top gear to enjoy again as you dont get to see them after their first airing.

However it is really a matter of live with it for the likes of lost and prison break. To be honest I don't see the reason for the hype. Just wait for it or import them on DVD.

  €dstowe 21:58 18 Feb 2007

To extend what Stuartli wrote, I asked the BBC about recording its programs and they replied that it is quite happy for viewers and listeners to record any BBC programmes FOR THEIR OWN PRIVATE USE.

The BBC was very careful to point out that this dispensation applies to BBC output only and does not extend to recording commercial films or sound recordings for which the BBC does not own the copyright.

  mike1967 06:21 19 Feb 2007

But surely they are creating problems for themselves why release these programs months in advance in the USA, its the same with films

I think piracy would be reduced if they were realease Worldwide at the same time.


Top Gear is shown again on UK Gold or something similar, but as mentioned before you pay youre licence fee shouldn't you be able to download it.

But what about programs which then go to DVD, such as Doctor Who etc, its a minefield and will we ever get a clear answer.

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