Is this legal, and would it work?

  Eargasm 23:40 27 May 2004

Hi All
I'm running xp home, on a packard bell with a pre-installed operating system.

The only back up i have is a red floppy disk that resets the computer to factory settings (complete with all the packard bell software, that i have since deleted)

My mate at work has copied his xp home disc for me(not really legal i know ),but my question is should everything go pear shaped,would it be possible to re-install xp using his disc but entering my product cd key,rather than using red floppy recovery disc?

  woodchip 23:44 27 May 2004

It should do if you know the CD key for your settup

  powerless 23:45 27 May 2004

It probably wouldn't work as the keys would be different to oem and retail XP.

Legal? Umm...ask a laywer.

  woodchip 23:46 27 May 2004

You do know that there will be a hidden Partition on your drive with the PH software and files drivers etc

  TBH1 23:52 27 May 2004

I think woodchip has again, hit the nail on the head - -there's gonna be a partition on your disc with your operating system. Lets face it, there's no way an xp system is gonna fit on a floppy is there ??

However, if your hard-disc goes belly-up, its a different ball game.

  Eargasm 23:53 27 May 2004

Ok I guess i knew it wasen't legal,but just wondered if it would work,i can't help feeling a bit miffed that a pc costing £1200 2 years ago diden't come with an xp disc.

Woodchip i know the cd key for my setup from aida 32.

  Eargasm 23:55 27 May 2004

Yes there is an hidden partition on my hard drive that contains xp plus pb software, and red floppy just restores to factory settings but if i had to have a new hard drive then this backup would be useless.

  woodchip 23:59 27 May 2004

Yes but how as it given it as the one you type in is different to the one that some programs can pickup. There tens to be more letters in the ID string also a give away is if it say’s OEM in the string that will not get the CD loaded

  Sir Radfordin 00:01 28 May 2004

The product key you have for your version of XP is unlikely to work with a retail version of XP. Your best bet would be to get hold of Ghost or similar software and take an image of your hard drive as it stands.

  TBH1 00:08 28 May 2004

or maybe back-up this 'hidden' partition - -then if you do lose your hard-disc, you can restore this partition and restore system via floppy. I do know how you feel though re not having the original disc - - I think this baloney was bought in to prevent piracy - - but if you ask me, and I know you ain't, but if you did, I would say this encourages it. Just my 2 penneth - - -I'll get me coat !!!

  Djohn 00:15 28 May 2004

There was a thread on this subject last year and the answer given by one of our more knowledgeable members was that you can extract only the XP files from the hidden partition then transfer these to a CD.

Wipe the hard drive completely including the hidden partition format the drive as one partition then re-install only XP from the CD you have created.

This way it would be legal as well as possible. You will of course lose all your drivers and other applications that are on the hidden partition but as long as you have a access to these drivers you will be OK.

I can't find the thread but I'm sure someone will have marked it. Also I can't guarantee this info is accurate but I have no reason to doubt it or the people who contributed to the thread. j.

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