Is this legal?

  Madscot_uk 13:24 08 Feb 2006

I want to play music on my Msn space, do do this the source has to be an url. Can i upload an mp3 that i legally own onto a free hosting site and use it to play within my space? Or is there the possibility of copyright infringment in there somewhere.

  johnnyrocker 13:27 08 Feb 2006

i think you will have a problem with the 'unauthorised public use/distribution or copy etc bit'


  SANTOS7 13:28 08 Feb 2006

Performers' rights

Performing artists are granted rights lasting for 50 years in relation to:

* broadcasting and recording of their live performances;
* copying, distribution, renting and lending of recordings of their performances; and
* broadcasting, and other communication to the public by electronic transmission (including in on demand services) of sound recordings of their performances; and,
* playing in public sound recordings of their performances.

These rights are related to copyright and similar considerations to those outlined above apply to those using material protected by performers` rights and to performers wishing to enforce their rights.

click here

text it taken from link...

  Madscot_uk 13:31 08 Feb 2006

Ok so it looks like i cant do that! Is there somewhere where legal content for such a purpose can be found. Msn spaces help states it has to be an authorised url.

  Jdoki 15:46 08 Feb 2006

If you are just streaming the music in the background, rather than providing a link to it, then I'd not worry.

I'm not trying to advocate illegal behaviour, but the chances of one mp3 being streamed on an MSN space resulting in a prosecution is highly unlikley.

Even if the copyright holder did find out, and did have a problem with it, chances are they would just ask you to desist.

I'd be inclined to provide a link to somewhere a visitor could go to buy the music (if it's generally available) if they like it!

There are millions of 'fan sites' featuring music, video clips and sounds covering peoples interests and unless they are profiting from the original copyright holders work then there's rarely problems.

  Madscot_uk 16:12 08 Feb 2006

Thanks all, Van Halen is now blasting forth for all visiting my space!

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