Is this legal?

  Chezdez 13:57 18 Jan 2005

hey all,

me and my mate who lives down the hall are planning on upgrading my current 512Kbps connection to a 2Mb connection, and then sharing the connection between our flats, to get 1Mb each.

doing it this way, as oppose to him buying his own phone line and internet connection, we save money, and get a better speed

but, is this legal? baring in mind that we each live in seperate flats, but in the same building

  Diodorus Siculus 14:25 18 Jan 2005

Can't see why not but it will require close scrutiny of the T&Cs of the BB provider.

  Chezdez 14:31 18 Jan 2005

T&Cs? what do you mean?

  Graham ® 14:33 18 Jan 2005

I think you will both get 2Mb.

  rickf 14:33 18 Jan 2005

It seesm it is the same as having BB and sharing it with another comp at home. Why not? My BB is connected to 3 comps at home.

  john-232317 14:44 18 Jan 2005

terms and conditions

  SEASHANTY 14:59 18 Jan 2005

Seems similar to someone in a semi wishing to share their BB connection with the property next door.

I doubt if the ISP's terms and condits would allow this anyway but there is going to be problems with email addresses, banking and general security overall.

  Chezdez 15:45 18 Jan 2005

Graham, we won't both get 2Mb, unless we each get our own seperate connection (far too costly!!), but 1Mb is plenty fast enough :P


"but there is going to be problems with email addresses, banking and general security overall."

can you elaborate on this please? what kind of problems exactly?

and yes, we are basically neighbours, sharing a connection, the only difference is that its a block of flats, not houses. means running the bable is easy, got a false ceiling :D

  Chezdez 15:53 18 Jan 2005

2.14 Except as otherwise expressly permitted in these Conditions, and in addition to other restrictions herein, the Customer may not:

2.14.1 redistribute, encumber, sell rent, lease, sub-license, copy or use the Service or otherwise transfer rights to the use of the Service to any third party, whether in whole or in part;

hmmmmm, oh dear....

well, i trust that you'll all keep it quiet.....?

  Confab 15:57 18 Jan 2005

I think Graham ® is correct. You'll both get 2M but the connection speed will reduce if you use the service at the same time. You won't get 1M each but share 2M between you.

  Chezdez 16:00 18 Jan 2005

sorry graham, you are correct, in a sense. i was referring to when we're both online, we'll both have access to 1Mb each, but if only one is, it'll be the full 2Mb.

i would assume that this router/modem/switch would allows an even split, but i haven't looked into that fully

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