'Legacy Keyboard' message

  Chiel 02:36 19 Jun 2003

For some reason or another when I now switch-on/boot-up my PC I get this message (from DELL) "Legacy keyboard is detected and USB Legacy is enabled. Press Del> to resume."
I cannot find any mention of Legacy in my help/reference books,so can anyone tell me why this has occurred and do I really need to worry?.....

  rabadubdub 02:57 19 Jun 2003

I think it's just to do with earlier version compatibility issues. That's a very broad definition, though. It doesn't sound like a problem for your system. You could do a search of previous posts. I'm also pretty sure I seen a glossary around this site somewhere, too.

A great site for definitions is Webopedia.com and computerhope.com is pretty useful too.

Regards, Rab

  Chiel 03:36 19 Jun 2003

Thanks for yr speedy reply. Cheers

  temp003 04:11 19 Jun 2003

The "legacy" devices in this context just means mouse and keyboard (legacy input devices). They used to be connected mostly through PS2 and they were so supported.

USB keyboards and mice are getting more common, and extra support is needed in the BIOS to enable their use before the system boots into Windows. This is called "USB legacy support".

Your BIOS obviously supports USB input devices. There should be an option in your BIOS Settings to enable it.

It may be that your USB keyboard is new, and you have not changed the settings in BIOS, but the Dell BIOS is smart enough to detect it and automatically supports it, but it has to do it every time you boot up, giving you the message.

I suspect if you go into BIOS, set the option as "enabled", the message will not appear again.

To go into BIOS settings, when the computer starts, press the relevant key to go into BIOS setup. Dell computers have different keys for different models to go into BIOS setup (Dell calls it System Setup Program I think). It could be F1, F2, Del, or other keys.

Usually there's a message at the bottom of the screen that tells you which key to press. If you don't see the message, check your manual, or go to the Dell website to find it. Or tell us what your model is (e.g. Dimension 8200), and we should be able to find it for you.

After you enable USB legacy support, exit and save the settings, and restart.

  Chiel 03:30 22 Jun 2003

Not sure if my reply was sent to you...however, thanks for your advice. Am less worried now

  temp003 04:06 22 Jun 2003

No, didn't get your reply. Hotmail could be a bit erratic. Anyway, sounds as though you're fine.

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