LED monitor brighter down the left side

  je-haz 07:24 24 Nov 2010


I have just bought a samsung ex2220x LED monitor. all is great, except down the lefthand side, the first 5mm of pixels are a lot brighter. All the other edges are fine.

It is most noticeable on dark gray. I have got all the colours set to their default - its the actual lighting that is leaking through, not the configuration.

Is this normal behaviour for an LED, or do you think I have got a duff monitor?

thanks, James

  mooly 07:33 24 Nov 2010

From your description I would say it's not acceptable. Whether it's a design issue or fault is impossible to say without actually seeing it in operation.

  johnnyrocker 19:34 24 Nov 2010

have you any speakers next to the monitor?


  je-haz 06:00 26 Nov 2010

no speakers - i have it plugged into my laptop on its native resolution, straight into the wall with no surge ptotector.

  MAT ALAN 07:57 26 Nov 2010

A fair test would be to plug it into something else to try, try changing the resolution and if you know about surge protection GET SOME...

  skeletal 10:23 26 Nov 2010

It could be back-light “bleed”. This is present on pretty much all LED monitors and TVs BUT, the amount seems to vary greatly. I have what was a fairly expensive Samsung monitor (215TW) where the effect is all but non-existent. Our cheapish Samsung TV is very disappointing with bleed visible on all four sides.

It is tempting to think the more you pay the less the effect…possibly.

The slight puzzle from your description though, is that you imply a sharp cut-off between lit pixels, and non-lit. Bleed is bright(ish) at the very edge, and then fades (pretty quickly) as you move to the centre.

It is hard to be sure what could be wrong without seeing it.

It would be useful if you could try it with another computer, or try another monitor with your laptop and see if the fault is still present (i.e. is it the graphics card in the laptop).

I don’t know anything about this particular model so don’t have a “feel” as to its supposed quality, however, if you don’t see a lot of reviews saying how bad it is, I am half thinking it could be faulty.


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