Leave a wireless router on ??

  Ikelos 11:04 21 Feb 2007

Hi, is it right that if you turn them off for a while they loose their settings, or are you supposed to leave them on 24/7


  crosstrainer 11:12 21 Feb 2007

I tend to leave mine on, it consumes very little power, but the other day I had to switch off all the electricity in the house. It was off for about an hour and my router (Dlink adsl++) remembered all its settings despite pvr, and a whole collection of other kit forgetting time and date etc.... guess it depends on your kit really.

  Ikelos 11:18 21 Feb 2007

thanks for that, so i suppose leave it on,

  Kate B 11:50 21 Feb 2007

I leave mine on, even when I go away. It never falls over.

  Batch 12:07 21 Feb 2007

It should be fine to turn it off (and be green).

Having said that, it's one of the few things I leave on as it stays connected and, occasionally I've had issues re-connecting.

  Grantrh 12:07 21 Feb 2007

Mine forgets the settings if I turn it off so I leave it on all the time which is a bit of a waste.

  Jim Thing 12:19 21 Feb 2007

I leave mine on all day but switch it off overnight. It doesn't seem to do any harm.

  GEEKSTA 12:30 21 Feb 2007

I always turn mine of when not in use, stop anyone tampering with your network or router settings.
The settings stay the same though.

  Ikelos 12:39 21 Feb 2007

thanks all, all this started when a had to get a guy in to sort out a problem, this new router has loads of flashing lights on top,so it looks like a xmas tree, wondered if it was safe to leave it on, but it seems from you all, it is the best way to go...thanks

  wee eddie 13:03 21 Feb 2007

Downstream of the Surge protector.

No particular reason other than meanness. It cost me less to bend down, a couple of times a day, than it does to leave the stuff turned on 24/7

  Spark6 14:17 21 Feb 2007

Have had Belkin and Netgear modem routers and, like wee eddie, mine are switched off at the mains after every session. No amnesia or other faults with the exception of one Belkin power supply unit failing!

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