leave messages on server; where in OE please

  end 19:22 10 Sep 2004

i have just managed to wipe off all muy e mails on my server; can someone give me the pathway to find on OE the box to tick to leave messages ON server; cannot find it on either lappy or Tower and am stumped


  VoG II 19:28 10 Sep 2004

Where = "hidden"! click here

  end 22:16 10 Sep 2004

well...that was not QUITE the way I had anticipated to clear out my server of all my e mails, which have now landed squarely IN my lap-top.

one heart attach later and shivering in my boots, feeling too sick with worry to even eat, and scared to open the program again ....does one "learn the hard way":(

and I think I have also configured the thing to not attack the server unless I ask it to; now to scower through some 350 emails to sort them out;

my server looks remarkably empty now...and all alone:(

  stalion 22:22 10 Sep 2004

we'll see you around monday then!

  VoG II 22:24 10 Sep 2004

Does that mean that it worked?

  end 22:31 10 Sep 2004

I stubbed my toe in the process of jumping on the horrid thing, so, maybe I"ll take a long vacation;( I wish:::))) )

and vog

well, it worked ( I think) but rather too late to stop the utter deluge of mails from server to lord knows where; damage was done , to my spirits, confidence, sanity,....

  VoG II 22:36 10 Sep 2004

Look in your Inbox.

  end 22:47 10 Sep 2004

what...for my toe?

  VoG II 22:52 10 Sep 2004

I am, for once, totally lost for words. I give up!

  end 22:58 10 Sep 2004

that"s what I said to my lap-top, and my e mails, and my composure; however, "resurrection" proceedures have been instigated, one step at a time...dont want to chuch the baby out with the bath-water:)

  end 12:27 11 Sep 2004

have now printed out the instructions that totally eluded me yesterday, even with two computers running;now transfering back what I need and chuching out the rest; and settings on both machines have been "changed" to stop stuff being nicked from my server before I can blink an eye( at least I think I have done that:( )

that was NOT a very "calm" evening...

I am not giving up with this....

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