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  geek84 11:50 28 Dec 2010

Hi Folks

I have working knowledge and experience of using Excel and Word 2003. As you may know, there are now later versions out in the market such as Microsoft Office 2007 & 2010.

My question is - Would you recommend that I brush up my skills in using Excel and Word 2007 and/or 2010, or shall I just stick to the 2003 versions. The reason being most of the employers I have worked for in the last 3 or 4 years tend to use the 2003 versions.

Thanks in advance for your advice.

  bremner 12:38 28 Dec 2010

Unless you need to I would stick to 2003. 2007/10 have some advances but 2003 is still a good product.

Trial versions of 2010 are available should you want to try before making a purchase click here

You can get free viewers for docx, xlsx files should you need to access these.

  Forum Editor 13:44 28 Dec 2010

to improve your skill-set by gaining a working knowledge of Office 2010. It uses a different file format to the earlier versions, and my experience is that more and more companies are making the switch - I'm seeing commercial organisations moving from the 2003 version to MS Office 2010, which makes sense.

  Marko797 14:35 28 Dec 2010


If u are planning on moving job, from where u might currently use 2003, then it might make sense to up-skill. If u are staying put, then as FE says, it won't do you any harm anyway to learn something new for the inevitable switch-over.

If, like me, u work across several orgs, then u need to be conversant with all variants of MSO (2003/2007/2010 - Word, Excel, Visio, et al).

Once you learn either 2007 or 2010, going back to 2003 can be difficult though. You then need to unlearn what you have learned and travel back in time!

  DippyGirl 00:46 29 Dec 2010

"Once you learn either 2007 or 2010, going back to 2003 can be difficult though"
Its also pretty painful going forward to 2007/10 thanks to 'the ribbon' .... finding things is a voyage of discovery - not good or bad just different- but if it's your job, that knowledge is essential (IMO)

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