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  Jameslayer 00:36 06 Jul 2009

Hello, I have decided to learn how to build websites. I was once told many years ago its best to learn the basic HTML coding. As this will give you a better base when you use dreamweaver and can fix stuff it doesnt do properly.

I have done a quick google search and their are many websites with guides on them that are free. But I have no idea if they are up to date and usefull.

So any links would be appreciated. Its just for fun.

Cheers All


  Rigga 08:40 06 Jul 2009

If I need to check something I use. W3Schools > click here < They have full tutorials as well.


  DieSse 19:35 06 Jul 2009

This is just my humble opinion.

Learning how to structure and design/layout websites is much more important than learning HTML.

On websites, design and usability are key. Techniques are important - coding isn't. There are many good web site construction tools, and loads of free tutorials on how to use them to good effect.

If you want to do this to earn some money, you need to produce well laid out, effective sites in the minimum time frame.

Marketing you skills will also be every bit as important as learning "how-to-do. Since you won't be getting giant contracts on day1, speed and effectiveness will give you the best results.

  sure.t 12:07 10 Jul 2009

I personally say that W3Schools is the best website to learn HTML from. There are also many other types of web scripting on W3Schools like PHP, My SQL, CSS, etc. You get the picture i wouild fully advise W3Schools.

  Bob The Nob© 16:27 10 Jul 2009

W3CSchools or personally I just "played" about, I also recommend

[email protected], CSS, HTML & XHTML referances too.

Make a site in dreamweaver or what erver WYSIWIG you're using and then edit the HTML to see what it does.

but always remeber, WHAT EVER YOU OPEN YOU CLOSE TOO! far too many people forget this.

  Jameslayer 15:40 19 Jul 2009

Thanks for the help. Have been very busy but have starte dplaying around with it today.

  kev-a 19:26 23 Jul 2009

I'm also learning XHMTL/CSS and after looking for local courses and finding they didn't exsist if you actually had a full time job (They are all held during the day :()
I decided to have a look at online tutorials and found an abundance of relevant info but nothing was structured to cater for the begginer, The nearest is as mentioned W3C which when you look into i they have a rather large hand in the subject.

I purchased XHTML for Dummies and was up and running all but slowly until i ran across this book which is an absolute must if your like me and learning from the bottom up.

SAMS Teach Yourself....
HTML and CSS in 24 hours.
ISBN-13 978-0-672-32841-1
ISBN-10 0-672-32841-0

It's laid out in 24 x 1 hour lessons with Q&A and a Quiz at the end of each hour and i am 110% impressed with the way it's structured and set out.
Buy a copy and you won't look back:)

NOTE:- although it doesn't say XHMTL on the cover it's in there buy the bucket load!!!!!!

  Chris the Ancient 12:26 24 Jul 2009

Many, many moons ago, I built myself a website without the benefit of a web design package. I did all the 'hard' way with a text editor and a useful book... click here because I was skint.

OK, it's now an old book, but it helped me learn a bit more about html

  Bob The Nob© 22:29 01 Aug 2009

Learning (X)HTML/CSS is way better with just Notepad2 or Notepad+ with syntax highlighting and trawling though the code.

Also, remember to validate everything you do with W3C Validator, you will learn your mistakes there and learn how to fix them.

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