leadtek winfast400,nvidia6800, 128mb problems

  pete-290318 00:28 14 Dec 2004

its a bit long winded but I'll try to condense.
I was using Elite K7S5A board with athlon 2200xp, 512 pc2100 memory and winME and gforce2,64 meg grafix.

I downloaded latest grafix drivers and no games would run and constant blue screens.

I purchased leadtek winfast 400 card and still had same problem.

upgraded motherboard to Chaintech CT-SKT600 which has 8x agp and also XP home edition.

Did a full format and install of XP and used the grafix drivers off the disc supplied with winfast 400. Everything seemed ok but the resulting improvement in graphics were not as impressive as I was expecting.
Downloaded the nvidia drivers for XP from nvidia and the results were terrible ... blocks and spikes when running farcry and myst4.

reverted back to winfast drivers and the 2 games run ok but on installing GTA3 the graphics have shadows and ghosting everywhere.

so I've got new motherboard, new OS and new graphics card and I've not gained much improvement in graphics ... do you think the card may be faulty as the 6800 drivers from nvidia dont work at all.

any feedback would be useful


  Totally-braindead 00:43 14 Dec 2004

Its not any help here but I had an Ati 9000 quite some time ago made by Gigabyte I think it was and it was a nightmare with the drivers. If you used the original drivers it was ok but when you updated them to the latest ones for the Ati website all hell would break loose and I'd have to restart in safe mode and reinstall the original drivers. Now I've had 2 cards since them both GeForce ones, got a MSI 5900XT now and they've had no probs at all. The only thing I can think is the particular card I had at the time just didn't like the drivers. I'd try emailing Leadtek and see if they say anything.

  pete-290318 00:50 14 Dec 2004

Thanks for quick reply .....

I've e-mailed them and am waiting for a reply but thought I may get more sense on here !!!!

Its a strange one this coz I've run the agp update, dowloaded card drivers from leadtek but they seemed an older version than the one on the disk but tried them anyway with same results.

I'm just waiting for a new processor to arrive as well, athlon 3200 barton and have bought some ddr400 memory .. Its cost me a fortune but I'm determined to get it sorted


  pete-290318 07:01 14 Dec 2004

good morning everybody

start the day at the top

  pete-290318 19:11 14 Dec 2004

bump.. nobody any ideas?

  citadel 20:36 14 Dec 2004

what directx are you using, many games require dx9b or dx9c.

  pete-290318 21:44 14 Dec 2004

thanks citadel
I've got the latest dx9c installed

I cant think of anything else to try.

I'm getting an athlon 3200 barton processor tomorrow and 512meg pc3200 memory so I'll be running at 400fsb and see if this affects the performance of the card.
At present the board is only running at 266fsb and I wonder if this is limiting the graphics card.

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