Leadtek or PNY Graphics

  Portly 22:28 01 Jun 2006

I am considering a new ( first proper ) graphics card, and seem to be settling on a GeForce6 6600GT. They are around the same price at Ebuyer.

Please can anyone advise on the merits of the Leadtek vs PNY versions.

Fan noise could be relevant.

  Portly 23:24 01 Jun 2006

My mobo AGP slot is AGP 3.0 compliant, but supports 1.5v AGP interface only.

Can anyone confirm that they are compatible.

Can't see anything about interface values in the graphic board specs.

Ta !!

  De Marcus™ 23:41 01 Jun 2006

AGP compliance, your fine on that front.

With regard to which is better, in whatever way, you'll find hard to get an answer on. They are in principal the same card, anyone who owns one is unlikely to have owned another one from either brand so noise issues aren't going to be easy to determine (unless you line up two machines side by side, of the exact same spec, make, etc and have a good listen, which isn't really feasible). I've got a PNY 6600GT running in a shuttle based machine in my conservatory and the noise was horrific, I clipped the power supply to the fan and now work off sheer air cooling passing over the heat sink. Mind you if I were to consider ever doing anything graphically intensive I'd be bridging the gap as they can get quite hot.

P.S. The conservatory machine is only ever used for music and karaoke.

  alan227 23:41 01 Jun 2006

The PNY link is a PCI-E and the leadtech is AGP.

if you have alook at this link it will show you 87 different 6600GT's and also tells you in the description if it is AGP or PCI-E.

click here

  Portly 23:55 01 Jun 2006

Yes thank you for that. You have me worried on the noise front, sice the PC is in a bedroom, and often records late night films.

I was previously looking at a 6200 card without fan cooling. I am not a great gamer, but the card the 6600 seems much better for a few dollars more.

Perhaps more thought is needed.

Alan227, thanks. I have had a look at both manufactures web sites and found them equally helpful ( ? ) Both produce AGP type cards.

I have done a lot of trawling through graphics card sites recently, and am afraid much of the gamers comments go over my head. There is so much information out there, that no longer have the grey cells to take it all in.

Eventually arrived at these two retail packages, whick seemed to be good value.

  De Marcus™ 00:06 02 Jun 2006

My PNY was bought from ebuyer as an AGP version. I think there are passive cooler solutions for the 6600GT if you really want to head down that path......

  Stuartli 00:11 02 Jun 2006

The main difference will normally be the price and whether additional software such as games are included.

You have to balance the pluses and minuses - the chipset will obviously be the same.

Reading various reviews should help.

  Portly 00:19 02 Jun 2006

The ebuyer price does look good, which is one reason why I raised my sights.

Some of the passive coolers appear ginormous, and I am not sure if they would fit on my micro ATX board.

Basically I am looking to upgrade a now noisy basic graphics card, up to a max of £100.

As I said noise is important. I am not into gaming in a big way, but would like the option if the price is right. The 6600 also seems to be a bit future proof ( whatever that might mean ).

It could be that a 256 Mb 6200 card may be my best solution, but welcome any reasonable suggestions.

  Portly 00:27 02 Jun 2006

they are much the same price, with similar bits and bobs. Most reviews are positive, and talk of low noise levels, but De Marcus did not find that to be true.

Trouble is many of these things are subjective.

My dearly beloved does seem susceptible to a bit of fan noise.

  Portly 10:57 02 Jun 2006

I think that I am going round in circles now. Has anyone got more words of wisdom before I settle for the verto 6200 card, with passive heatsink.

  citadel 21:20 02 Jun 2006

6200 is not much good for games.

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