Leadtek 7600 GT No display on monitor

  youngblood_1974 10:59 18 Jan 2007

Hi....HELP PLEASE!!!! :)

This is my basic spec of my PC

P4 3GHz processor
MSI 865PE Neo2 motherboard
160Gb HDD
ATI 9800XT Pro 256Mb ( AGP )
19inch CRT Monitor


Purchased a Leadtek 7600 GT 256Mb card, followed install, uninstalled ATI drivers etc and removed 9800 card out of PC, placed the 7600 in the AGP slot and turned on machine but no display on monitor. No funny ' beeps ' in fact it sounds all fine, the cards fans etc spin up OK, power cable placed on top of card, card sitted correctly etc, all seems OK but no display. If I then place my ATI card back in, works fine first time!!! Need some advice please, some people have mentioned about voltage etc but not sure. One thing I forgot to say, I purchased a new PSU and this is 550W, 7600 needs at least 300W I believe.

Anyway enough of me banging on, any help or suggestions would be much appreciated


  citadel 17:48 18 Jan 2007

as you have changed to nvidea it may be worth using driver cleaner to remove traces of ati that have been left over.

  Barrie_G 18:50 18 Jan 2007

Remove the ATI driver first, then turn off the pc and change cards, as your computer will be tring to run your nvidea card using the ATI drivers when you're booting the pc.

  youngblood_1974 21:34 18 Jan 2007


Thanks for the suggestions, downloaded driver cleaner and ran this. Cleaned this up, shut down PC, installed card again but no signal again on monitor!!!

:o( I purchased this card from overclockers and they said the card is fine, they have tested this and all OK.

My PC is about 2 1/2 yrs old could it be something to we this, my MSI board doesn't support this card?? AGP voltage ( someone mentioned this to me!!! )...any more suggestions would be great.

  keef66 11:44 19 Jan 2007

AGP voltages haven't changed in the last 3 years so that's unlikely to be the problem.

Is the additional power cable securely plugged in to the new card?

Check using MSI live update to see if there's a bios update for your board which will then mean it recognises the 7600 card. Don't update the bios just for the sake of it.

  youngblood_1974 13:22 19 Jan 2007

Thanks for the suggestion..

"Is the additional power cable securely plugged in to the new card?"

As far as I can tell, the cable is in place correctly and card sitted securely

"Check using MSI live update to see if there's a bios update for your board which will then mean it recognises the 7600 card"

I did check the other day, there were a few updates available and updated however I couldn't see anything that mentioned about the above. Having said that I will re-check this again tonight and then update my forum.

Thanks again

  youngblood_1974 09:58 24 Jan 2007

Thanks for all the suggestions made, tried the updates on the BIOS etc but still no joy, does anyone else have any suggestions?? this is really frustrating!!! :(

  keef66 10:13 24 Jan 2007

The only conclusion I can come to is that the card itself is defective. (the only way to confirm this is to try it in another pc). Either way, return it to wherever you bought it from for a replacement or refund.

  citadel 16:56 24 Jan 2007

have you tried starting in safe mode and troubleshooting.

  Totally-braindead 17:01 24 Jan 2007

You say overclockers have tested the card and its ok. Does that mean you have already sent it back, had it checked and they have returned it saying theres nothing wrong with it. Is that correct?

  youngblood_1974 21:52 25 Jan 2007

Thanks for all your replies


I have returned this to overclockers for a replacement. I then got sent, what I thought was a new card, back to me. However after testing and not working, I phoned them up to complain. They advised me that they had sent my card back to me and the reason why they had was that is was tested and working fine and that it was something wrong with my machine. There tech guys advice was useless, it was all the things I had already done so now I'm stuck with a card that doesn't appear to work however can't get a refund cause overclockers say it's OK!!!


I can't get the card to display anything on the monitor on bootup so therefore can't get into safe mode. Is there some other way you were thinking of??

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