'lead out' wont end when burning audio cd's

  gartoye 12:29 12 Apr 2005

up until now i have had no problems using nero to burn my audio files to cd, but now the lead out just doesnt end and nero becomes unresponsive. i cant close the program (ctrl alt del) so the only way to get my pc working again is to restart. please advise.

  Yoda Knight 12:39 12 Apr 2005

uninstall and re-install Nero for starters. Do you have the thin round wire cable plugged in to your cdrw aswell as the big flat cable ?

  gartoye 12:48 12 Apr 2005

yes, the additional wire is fitted. sometimes it works fine and sometimes it just keeps leading out. shall i remove this wire? the pc is a time athlon 1800+, i discovered it has no soundcard and is running off the motherboard, it also has no grahics card. will i stil get sound?

  Chegs ® 12:48 12 Apr 2005

I found I had probs with Nero's InCD4300,fortunately I was able to load an older version of InCD4056.I still have grief,but now its caused by incompatible media(PRINCO dye)

  Yoda Knight 13:02 12 Apr 2005

if it hasnt got a sound card what are you plugging the other end of the thin cable into ?

Try removing the wire and see how you get on

  gartoye 15:16 12 Apr 2005

the thin wire goes into a slot on the motherboard marked cd, we will remove it to see if this does the trick thanks for replying everybody.

  Yoda Knight 15:19 12 Apr 2005

Are you absolutely sure it doesnt have an onboard soundcard ? Strange to have a connection for cd audio but no use for it ?!?!

  gartoye 22:18 14 Apr 2005

we are sure there is no sound card, the only thing on the pci slots is a usb card. we found out what the problem was though, my friend has bought a sony dual layer dvd r which offered a 'powerburn' feature when using nero, when this new feature is disabled evereything works fine

  gartoye 22:20 14 Apr 2005

by the way, does anyone know what powerburn actually is?

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