LCD TV as monitor

  mad1234 11:44 18 Oct 2007

click here have seen an advert for this LCD TV as a hi res pc monitor. not sure if the resolution will be good enough to work on 24/7 with a 3d modelling system, the resolution would have to be as good as a TFT monitor.

can anyone tell me if it would be worth buying this or should i stick with my 19" monitor

  woodchip 11:57 18 Oct 2007

Yes it should be OK but you need to Have a Graphics card With DVI out so you can connect it to the one on the TV as PC out is only good for Games and Videos, Not Text.

I am connected on this computer to a 32"LCD HDMI through the HD input Mine was £299 plu vat

  mad1234 12:05 18 Oct 2007

DVI? is that the long white plug on the graphics card?
this one is advertised for £289+ vat & delivery so probably about the same price as yours

  woodchip 12:08 18 Oct 2007

Yes it will be that one on the Card. Do not buy a Cable until you check that it as a HDMI input.It my be a good IDEA to check that TV as a MDMI input before you buy

  mad1234 12:16 18 Oct 2007

it says in the specs it has a DVI input. is that the same thing?

  woodchip 12:23 18 Oct 2007

Yes that should be OK so you need one to connect the white plug on the Graphics to the DVI on the TV

  mad1234 12:40 18 Oct 2007

so if i got one of these click here i would be able to connect the LCD int the dvi on the graphics card & into the normal monitor port i could have my 19" TFT. is that correct?

  DieSse 13:44 18 Oct 2007

"the resolution would have to be as good as a TFT monitor."

The resolution on the TV is nowhere near as good as a monitor, on a size for size basis. It would need to be over 2000 pixels wide. Such a monitor would be extraordinarily expensive.

So what you would get would be a larger picture, with no more (or very little more) detail than a 19/20 inch monitor (which is normally 1280 pixels wide - cf the TV at 1366 wide). You may or may not be able to set your graphics card to 1366x768 resolution - worth checking.

Yes you can connect the monitor and the TV to the two different ports. The link in your last post goes nowhere of interest though - so we don't know what "one of these is"

  mad1234 13:58 18 Oct 2007

this is a different link but for the same cable click here sorry i didn't check my link before i posted it.

checked my screen resolution on my graphics card & it goes upto 1440 by 900. so i should be OK.

what i need to know is, is the screen quality good enought to read text & see the writing on your decktop icons without straining your eyes. mine arn't too good any more & getting worse by the day

  DieSse 14:15 18 Oct 2007

Cable looks fine. Just check your two connections are DVI-D type - there is another type, but the descriptor escapes me for now.

" the screen quality good enought to read text & see the writing on your decktop icons without straining your eyes."

I have absolutely no idea - sorry. Ask to try one in the shop?

  mad1234 14:20 18 Oct 2007

the problem with trying one in the shop is this is mailorder only so i was hoping someone here would know.
Woodchip is using a 32" LCD can i assume that if their both HD then the quality would be the same?

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