LCD TV as Monitor

  woodchip 23:18 02 Jan 2007

As anybody tried done this.
What's the Pitfalls if any of using a Lcd TV as a monitor. I called in PCworld and he said if the TV as a VGA connection then it will work ok provided that the Graphics card is not a old rubbish card.

PS I thought that Dvi would have been best for a TV

  sean-278262 23:22 02 Jan 2007

There are no real downfalls. obviously if the tv is a 640x480 screen this will be a downfall as the screen will be less defined compared to a normal one but a HD Tv will look brilliant.

  woodchip 23:26 02 Jan 2007

This would be a new TV, may be about 26ins

  ed-0 23:34 02 Jan 2007

If it has a VGA port at the rear, this will be fine.

I sometimes run my laptop off a 32" philips and the quality is quite good.

I once connected a media centre PC to a 50"+ tft, once again no problem.

If you use DVi, i think you will find little or no improvment over a vga connection, thats what I found.

This the quality of media centre on a large TFT. click here

  woodchip 23:38 02 Jan 2007

Is that yours? as that is what I was thinking of. So I could sit my XP desktop tower next to it. And run it with a Wireless PCI BB card fitted. Is the text OK fo reading?

  woodchip 23:42 02 Jan 2007

What kind of Cost Graphics card would you recommend? The one fitted is a Radion 9200

  rupie 00:35 03 Jan 2007

You are caught in the bog that is quality v DVI/TV?VGA?HD and all that.A normal TV picture is only 625 lines(Pal) and it will always be best run off a TV tuner onto a CRT TV. Anyone who says otherwise is wrong. In Japan VGA was based on line doubles NTSC and so the 640x480 standard was created.
we could be here all night discussing the whole DVI/VGA/HD/CRT/RF issue. I tried to summerise things but I found only 2 conclusions
2. Good quality(on a good aerial) TV viewed on a good CRT is as good as the HD rubbish pumped out by the satalite companies (and cheaper)
This come from an engineer IN THE BUSINESS

  Totally-braindead 01:10 03 Jan 2007

I was at the model helicopter nationals last year and there was a model flight simulator program linked up to a goodmans LCD TV using a VGA connector which the TV had and I can honestly say I was very surprised at the picture. Considering it was a cheap TV the actual picture was excellent. Easily as good as a cheap standalone monitor.
I have tried linking my PC to a TV using the TV out connection and its awful but if the TV has a VGA connection bearing in mind I've only seen the one example the picture is excellent.
Of course this will probably depend on how good the TV is.
I've seen DVI and VGA on the same standalone monitor and to be entirely honest I saw very little difference. But perhaps that was just the monitor.

  ed-0 07:59 03 Jan 2007

Sorry I didn't get back last night. Site problems with loading pages and it was getting late.

The one with media centre on, is one of my sons. He was using just a bog standard 64Mb AGP graphics card from PC World. Picture and text is fine. Since the picture he has upped the graphics card but just to play medal of Honor.

I sometimes connect my old HP laptop with 64Mb system graphics to a 32" philips WXGA lcd tv. Picture and text quality are fine. Couple this with a wireless keyboard and mouse, then you can lounge on the settee and work away.

  Whaty 09:26 03 Jan 2007

I've connected a fairly basic PC with 32Mb O/B graphics to a 32" Toshiba LCD, picture, text and colours were great, no problems at all.

Just one point. The Toshiba is widescreen and therefore 'by default' there are black bands on each side of the screen, you can force the display into widescreen but then everything is a little stretched....

  woodchip 17:59 03 Jan 2007

Just one more question, I have a 32ins Flat Screen Crt built in Freeview and as a VGA socket on the back how would that go?

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