LCD TV to Laptop With HDMI - Sound

  Robert92 13:11 13 Jul 2008

I have connected my laptop to my lcd tv with a hdmi to hdmi cable with no problem, i had to change my default sound device to the tv instead of the laptop speakers, I done this with no problem. But now i wanted to go back to my laptops speakers but i accidently clicked on the tv audio device and said ' Do not use this device ' (at the control panel) and now it has been deleted form the list and I cant go back to using the audio from my tv. Can anyone tell me a way to get the audio to come throught my tv again?

  Robert92 13:13 13 Jul 2008

My laptop is a Samsung R700.

  Stuartli 13:17 13 Jul 2008

In Control Panel open Sounds and Audio Devices>Audio tab>Ensure your onboard/sound card is Enabled as the Default device>repeat for Voice tab.

  Robert92 20:21 13 Jul 2008

Thanks for your help its fine now, cheers.

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