LCD TV interference

  007al 22:24 28 Jan 2006

I have an LCD TV running from a digibox about 5feet from my pc,and just recently,its started to get interference when im using my pc.
When i open a new page or run a program,the sound goes and the screen gets pixelated(?).When the page is loaded its fine.
Its never been a problem before.
I have them running from the same double socket,with an ext. lead to each(one to TV freeview box,the other has pc,monitor and printer).
I thought maybe it could have something to do with the wireless keyboard.Am i on the right track?

  octal 23:01 28 Jan 2006

I don't think its anything to do with your keyboard.

Computers do chuck out a load of RF (radio frequency) noise when they are in use, so that is what is being picked up.
Try and make sure all the signal wires are as far away from each other as possible, particularly the telephone wire if you are using ADSL and the coaxial cable.
Check to make sure all the coaxial plug sleeves are not loose, if they are tighten them.

If the problem persists you'll have to try a process of elimination, try plugging the antenna cable straight into the TV so the digibox is bypassed, if the cures it the problem is with the digibox. I fact you try this first to see where the problem is,

  Mikè 09:25 29 Jan 2006

Is there a spread spectrum setting click here in your bios?

  007al 20:03 29 Jan 2006

It says,"Always modulate the spread downward so that the processor never runs above its rated speed."
My Opteron 146 cpu is overclocked to 2.8
What effect does that have?

  007al 22:07 01 Feb 2006

I unplugged my keyboard receiver and the interference went.Im using a wired keyboard at the moment,but its annoying that i have a £40 keyboard thats useless when used in the same room as a freeview box.Cant understand the interference.I cant see them being similar frequencies.Would a different keyboard and receiver have the same effect?All wireless pripherals cant be on the same frequency,as two pc`s with wireless,wouldnt be able to operate next to each other if they were.

  octal 07:19 02 Feb 2006

"All wireless pripherals cant be on the same frequency"
Yes they can, they work on a spread spectrum technique so that the risk of more than one device falling on the same frequency at the same time is low and if it does the data shouldn't get corrupted because its compensated for within the circuitry.

It shouldn't interfere with your Freeview box because the operate on different frequencies, it seems incredable the the keyboard system is interfering with it because it operates at such low power.
You did say you've never had the problem before, if this is the case and you haven't changed your system at all then there could be a fault in the Freeeview box, it seems so unlikely, but having worked on radio frequencies for 40 years, nothing surprises me these days, especially with the compliance of domestic devices and don't let the CE marking fool you ;-)

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