LCD and TFT what is the difference please? 17:41 20 Sep 2005

Looking at laptops screens some are TFT and some LCD what is the difference and which is best ?

  Hamish 17:59 20 Sep 2005

This site tries to explain the differences click here 18:05 20 Sep 2005

Thanks- interesting site and will read in detail later- this will sound silly but in the shops now there are some laptops which have a screen which looks like "glass" do you know what they are called?

  Hamish 18:12 20 Sep 2005

Sorry, you will need to ask the shop. Could a protective cover which has to be removed before using

  GaT7 18:20 20 Sep 2005

Some more info on LCDs/TFTs if required - click here. TFTs are mentioned lower down. According to the article TFTs are basically Active Display LCDs. G

  GaT7 18:31 20 Sep 2005

In answer to your 2nd question, about which is best - TFTs are better than LCDs (& likely to be more expensive). G

  freaky 18:51 20 Sep 2005

TFT.........Thin Film Transistor

LCD.........Liquid Crystal Display

As Crossbow7 said above "TFTs are better than LCDs (& likely to be more expensive). G 20:01 20 Sep 2005

Thanks all, will research more thoroughly ! (by luck the one I've ordered is TFT !)

  jz 20:03 20 Sep 2005

TFT is a type of LCD display. A display advertised as LCD might be TFT, but it's best to check to be sure since as the others have said, LCD without the transistors (the final T of TFT) is inferior to TFT LCD.

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